Lamm ML2.2 Single Ended Mono Amplifier

Lamm Industries ML2.2 Single Ended Class A Mono Amplifier.

Single-ended tube amplifier producing 18 Watts continuous into 16/8/4 Ohms. Pure class A operation. Regulated power supply. High current low impedance output triodes (6C33C) in the output stage and in the voltage regulator section. XLR (pseudo-balanced) and RCA input connectors. Multi-turn trimming potentiometers for setting the nominal value of plate voltage and plate current of the output tube. The input stage has been totally redesigned and is based on the topology developed for the ML3Signature amplifier.  The result is a perfect fusion between the ML2.1 and ML3 Signature.

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DEMO at Absolute Hi End

” The Absolute Sound ” Magazine Review , Highest Recommendation

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” STEREOPHILE ” Magazine Review , Class A Recommended Component

“…Every note it played in my home became unignorable. An extraordinary product, and one that all of you should endeavor to hear.” – Art Dudley, Stereophile 2013

” The Audio Beat ” Online Magazine Review

“Music simply rolls out of them with endearing balance and purity.” – SoundStage Online Magazine

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Description: Tubed monoblock power amplifier. Tube complement: two 6C33C, two 6N6P, one 6AK5, one 5651, one 12AX7. Output power: 18W into 4, 8, or 16 ohms at 0.7% THD (9.55, 12.55, 15.55dBW, respectively). Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz at 18Wpc, –0.3dB. Input impedance: 41k ohms. Input sensitivity: 0.85V. Slew rate (48V peak–peak): 15V/µs. Signal/noise ratio, ref. 4V RMS into 16 ohms: typically 90dB A-weighted.
Dimensions: 16″ (445mm) W by 8.25″ (210mm) H by 20.375″ (520mm) D. Weight: 81 lbs (36.8kg).

Weight27 kg