Ideon Audio

Ideon Audio is a boutique audio systems manufacturer of extreme performance digital sound equipment.

The sonic goal: to offer products which reveal the music hidden within the digital data, in other words, transport us to the recorded musical event: fully extended frequency range, real-life dynamics, clarity, and detail.

To achieve these results, all our products are in-house, proprietary designs, built without use of off-the-shelf modules.

Our 360 manufacturing concept pervades the manufacturing process down to the choice of highest-standards materials and production partners

use of state-of-the-art technology and the best components available without cost compromise
testing takes place throughout the production process and the devices are hand-assembled in their final stage
We revel in the sound of music. We believe the act of listening to music should be a transcendent experience.

An audio system should be capable of connecting us to the musical event and allow us to participate effortlessly in that event…

Absolute Hi End is an exclusive distributor of Ideon Audio in Australia.

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