Lamm LL1 Signature 4 Chassis Preamplifier

Lamm Industries LL1 Signature Dual Mono 4 Chassis Tube Preamplifier.

World’s Best Tube Preamplifier

The monaural line level preamplifier model LL1 Signature is the ultimate statement of perfection in High-End audio. Just like ML3 Signature is the best creation of its designer’s professional career among the LAMM amplifiers, so is the LL1 Signature among the line level LAMM preamplifiers. The LL1 Signature has been designed to complement the ML3 Signature amplifier, and this combination in a system represents a “match made in heaven”. However, the LL1 Signature will perform magic with any other appropriate power amplifier. The LL1 Signature features a topology that brings out the most natural sound performance in the audio path. In principle, it is a single-stage unit that basically represents the shortest possible signal path.

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Description: Dual-mono, four-chassis line stage with outboard power supplies. Tube complement: four 6N30P-DR (each preamplifier), two 6X4 (each power supply). Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz, –0.1dB; 5Hz–140kHz, –3dB. Maximum voltage gain: 7.43x, 17.4dB, ±2%. Additional attenuation: 3.98x, 12dB, ±0.17dB. Slew rate: 47V/µs. Rise time: 0.61µs. Total harmonic distortion: <0.03% at 1V RMS into 41k ohms); <1% at 50V RMS into 41k ohms. IM distortion: <0.09% at 1V RMS into 41k ohms; <1% at 10V RMS into 41k ohms. Input sensitivity: 135mV RMS, ±2%. Input impedance: typically 16.5k ohms. Output impedance: 200 ohms. Rated output voltage: 1V RMS. Signal/noise: >87dB, wideband, unweighted; >90dB, 22Hz–22kHz, unweighted; >97dB, A-weighted.
Dimensions: 19″ (485mm) W by 4.5″ (115mm) H by 15.25″ (390mm) D (same, preamplifier and power supply). Weights: preamplifier chassis, each 35.6 lbs (16.2kg); power supply chassis, each 21.2 lbs (9.6kg).
Finish: Black-anodized aluminum.


Weight2 kg