Audia Flight FLS-1 Balanced Stereo Preamplifier


Audia Flight FLS1 Balanced Stereo Preamplifie

The FLS1 is a balanced stereo preamplifier has been patiently designed with the intention of being one of the best equipment available and capable of driving any power amplifier on the market today. This ambition is, of course, requisitioned all the know-how of the brand and demanded fidelity to the principles of the most developed, the application of the most powerful techniques and the use of the best components. Its production does not suffer any compromise was made with an extreme attention and care. The FLS1 is an unrivaled preamplifier on his category where speed, driving capability and control ability are elements close to perfection. Also, a true Headphone power amplifier using Audia Flight technology ensure to your headphone a perfect and relaxed music listening. The output power is 12Wrms on 8 ohm, so it is able to drive any kind of headphone with perfect control and high current. You can be assured of having a device that will serve you and give you many years of musical enjoyment only. Also, the FLS1 balanced stereo preamplifier is very flexible; it is possible to install several optional boards including phono, dac, analog input and more,

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AUDIA FLIGHT FLS1 Stereo Preamplifier Review by Michael Fremer ” STEREOPHILE “ Magazine, March 2019

Audia Flight FLS1 Specifications

Inputs 3 unbalanced RCA + 2 balanced XLR Outputs 1 balanced XLR + 1 unbalanced RCA

Gain range from -90 dB to +10 dB, step 0,5 dB

Frequency response 1 Hz ÷ 0,7 MHz (1 Vrms, –3 dB)

Slew-Rate > 100 V/µs (on 8 ohms)

THD < 0,05 %

S/N Ratio 98 dB

Input impedance Balanced or Unbalanced: 47 kohms Output impedance 5 ohms

Main voltage AC 240 V , 50/60 Hz

Stand-by Power consumption Less than 1W

Power consumption 50W

Dimensions and weigth 450x120x380mm (W x H x D) – 11 kg

Shipping dimensions and weigth 600x270x560mm (W x H x D) – 15 kg

– MM/MC phono board with unbalanced inputs $1,950

– MM/MC phono board with balanced inputs $1,950

– RCA board (2 RCA additional inputs) $900

– Optional DAC board (1 AES/EBU, 1 S/P-DIF, 2 TOSLINK, 1 USB 32/384 PCM and DSD 512) for FLS series $3,500


Weight2 kg