CH Precision P1 Phono-Stage

CH Precision P1 Reference Phono-Stage.

It is well known that the electrical characteristics of turntable cartridges differ greatly from one cartridge to another. Ohm’s law shows that Moving Magnet cartridges will generate larger voltages while Moving Coil cartridges are generally more efficient at delivering current. Phono stages should take full advantage of the cartridges’ strengths and amplify the signal in the way they work best.

With two dedicated MC current inputs and one MM/MC voltage input, the P1 provides the optimal coupling to all types of cartridges.

In addition, discrete class A stages as well as the highest grade, tight tolerance components allow the P1 to deliver high performances for a transparent yet natural sound.

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CH Precision P1 Phono Preamplifier Features and Specifications


Two P1 configurations are available:

  • Dual Monaural (two channels in a single enclosure)
  • True Monaural (each channel in its own enclosure)
Moving coil current inputs

The P1 provides two moving coil current inputs, featuring the following specifications:

  • inputs specifically designed for low output, low internal resistance MC cartridges
  • current mode for best signal to noise ratio when paired with low output MC cartridges
  • no impedance adjustment required in current mode
  • XLR and RCA connector available on each input
Moving magnet / moving coil voltage input

The P1 provides a more classical voltage input, featuring the following specifications:

  • input designed for MM, MC cartridges and step-up transformers
  • ultra low noise FET-input stage
  • cartridge loading adjustment, variable from 100k Ohms to 20 Ohms in over 500 steps
  • wizard to select the cartridge’s optimal loading through frequency response automated analysis
  • XLR and RCA connections
EQ curves
  • RIAA and enhanced RIAA (with additionnal Neumann pole) EQ curves factory fitted
  • high grade, tight tolerance custom components
  • optional add-on board containing EMI, Columbia, Decca and Teldec EQ curves
Analog signal path
  • selectable high-pass subsonic filter to remove unwanted rumble
  • ultra low noise, high bandwidth, high slew rate design
  • class A, discrete transistor based design
Power supply
  • ultra low noise, high accuracy, discretely regulated linear power supplies
  • oversized mains toroidal transformers
  • shunt regulators for all stages
  • can be powered from the X1 External Power Supply unit
MC current inputs
Input type

2x current mode inputs, XLR and RCA connectors available

Input impedance<100mΩ, virtual ground inputs
Gain6 steps (gain dependent on the cartridge internal resistance)
Equivalent input noise (EIN)<-135dBu without X1 unit / <-138dBu with X1 unit / 1Ω termination, gain +70dB, 22kHz BW

MM/MC voltage input

Inputs type

1x voltage mode inputs, XLR and RCA connectors available

Input impedanceVariable from 100kΩ to 20Ω
Gain (at 1kHz)

+35dB, +40dB, +55dB, +60dB, +65dB, +70dB

Equivalent input noise (EIN)

<-130dBu without X1 unit / <-135dBu with X1 unit / 1Ω termination, gain +70dB, 22kHz BW

Analog outputs 
Output levelUp to 8V RMS (balanced), Up to 4V RMS (unbalanced)
Frequency response> 400kHz (RIAA equalization filter disconnected), current input selected
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise<0.01%, 1kHz, output level 3V RMS, 22kHz BW
Display480×272 pixels, 24bits color, AMOLED
Mains operationSelectable 100V, 115, 230V AC, 47-63Hz
Power supply consumption<1W (standby), 100W max in operation
Dimensions/Weight440 x 440 x 133mm (W x D x H), 20kg
Remote control

Ethernet based system control via the Android CH Control App

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Weight30 kg