Lamm LP2.1 Tube Phonostage

Lamm Industries LP2.1 Tube MM/MC Phono Stage. 

Dual monaural pure vacuum tube phono preamplifier with 2 separate inputs for MM and MC cartridges, selector/gain switch.  All amplification stages utilize high transconductance very low noise high-current vacuum triodes.  Pure class A operation.  No loop feedback is employed.  Audibly neutral power supply features a full-wave VACUUM rectifier with a choke-containing filter (two chokes are employed), and one solid-state analogue voltage regulator used as the heater supply.  Tube complement: two-6C3P (6C3П), two-6C45P-E (6C45П-E), one-6X4/6202.  Line voltage: 100/120/220/230/240 V AC, internally switchable.  Available in standard and deluxe versions. 

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” Stereophile “ Magazine Review by Michael Fremer , March 2015 

Stereophile complete review

” STEREOPHILE ” 2015 Class A Recommended Component

Lamm Industries LP 2.1: 
The LP2.1 Deluxe—the adjective refers to this version’s upgraded power supply, polystyrene bypass caps, and 20.5-lb damping panel—is a single-box stereo phono preamp with tube rectification and pairs of Russian-made 6C3P and 6C45P-E triode tubes for the signal path. The dual-mono design has separate, switchable RCA-jack inputs for MM and MC cartridges, the latter of which address a pair of Jensen 1:10 step-up transformers for additional gain. Controls are minimal, with no provisions for varying the 400-ohm load of the MC inputs—although, as MF observed, that figure is “a good compromise for cartridges with internal impedances of about 40 ohms or less.” MF found the “smooth-sounding, well-detailed” LP2.1 to be remarkably free from noise—even quieter than some solid-state phono preamps—and observed that “the sound of MCs through the LP2.1’s transformers was impressively fast, detailed, open, dynamic, and resolving—all without added glare, grain, or etch.” At the same time, he was even more impressed when preceding the Lamm’s MM stage with the Ypsilon MC-10L step-up transformer ($6000), which “seriously upped the sound quality along with the price.” Still, MF considers LP2.1 Deluxe “fully competitive with anything at or near that price.” (Vol.38 No.3)

” THE ABSOLUTE SOUND ” Magazine Review , Highly Recommended Component

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Voltage gain at 1kHz: 40dB (mm); 60dB (mc)
RIAA accuracy: 20Hz–20kHz better than + 0.0dB/ -0.5dB
Phono overload at 1kHz: 250mV (mm); 25mV (mc)
Signal-to-noise ratio: Typically 83dB
Dimensions: 19″ x 4.5″ x 13.875″
Weight: 22 lbs. (standard); 41.5 lbs. (deluxe)

Weight2 kg