Ayon Audio Epsilon Monoblock Amplifier

Ayon Epsilon Tube Monoblock Amplifier

Ayon Epsilon Monoblock immediately makes clear its wider power bandwidth with more speed, top-end air, detailed resolution and more articulate combined with an impactful bass. It has also a wonderful ability to unravel complex musical threads with grain less purity and surprising musical dynamics. This true balanced monoblock provides perhaps the finest KT88 design performance available anywhere near its price.

The Epsilon is also available with KT150 power tubes!

Full-featured true balanced vacuum tube mono power amplifier
Switchable between pentode and triode mode
Ideal also for more difficult loudspeaker loads

Vacuum Tubes
The choice of signal and power tubes have a significant influence on the sound and hence on the inspiration and joy of listening. This is not only the decision between good and bad tubes but finally the interaction of the different types of tubes and their combination that are used in the various Ayon amplifiers.

Signal Path
We believe that the simplest circuits work best together with the shortest signal path. The shorter the signal path is, the less possibility of sonic degradation from various sources, including the wire itself. Even on the circuit boards, the copper traces are kept to a very minimum length. The completely redesigned circuit board provides a more straightforward and direct approach to the signal paths.

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Ayon Epsilon Specifications:

Class of Operation : Triode* or Pentode mode, Class-A*
Tube Complement : KT150
Load Impedance : 4 & 8 Ohms
Bandwidth : 8Hz – 70kHz
Output Power / Pentode mode : 1 x 180W
Output Power / Triode mode : 1 x 100W
Frequency Response : 10 Hz – 60 kHz
Input Impedance at 1 kHz : 47 KΩ
Input sensitivity ( full power ) : 900mV
S/N ratio at full power : 98 dB
NFB : 0dB
Inputs : RCA & XLR
Dimensions (WxDxH) cm : 35x55x25 cm
Weight : 40 kg

Weight27 kg