Acoustic Revive RBN-1 Banana Plug

Conductivity performace reised to the extreme. world first vibration control structred epoch-making banana plug.

Principle & structure

Extreme conductivity performance!
Both RBN-1 and RYG-1`s terminal contact part is made of lead less brass and treated with mirror finish polish for excellent conductivity and durability. Also rhodium plating processing on the surface.

Screw held method for reliability and no loss of conductivity!
RBN-1 and RYG-1 has adopted double screw held method to secure cable firmly and increase contact surface. 

Super low temperature processing to improve conductivity performance more!
The main body and screw of RGC-1 and RYG-1 is been treated with -196AaC super low temperature processing to increase conductivity performance even more.

Worlds first vibration control structure!
sRBN-1 and RYG-1 shows a vibration control effect by attaching 2017 Duralumin made cap. This cap is a combination of 2017 Duralumin and brass. This combination makes the excellent vibration control effect. 
Also vibration between speaker cable and speaker terminal eliminates quickly, it improves sound quality even further.

Complete non-magnetism structure!
Main body, screw and plating of RBN-1 and RYG-1 uses non-magnetism materials. Some manufactures uses steel for banana plug and Y rag`s screw and nickel plating. These parts becomes strong magnetic substance and gets magnetized by electric current. This leads to destroying sound quality. RBN-1 and RYG-1 does not have any of these problems.

Sound quality improves by using banana plug & Y rag
Connecting speaker cable directly to speaker terminal is the best connection method from the point of conductivity. But sometimes, tip of cable may scatter or weak clamping strength can lead to drop of conductivity performance.
By using RBN-1 or RYG-1, it improves sound quality furthermore compared with direct connection.
This is because its excellent structure which raises conductivity performance to the maximum.

Please find reviews below:

Banana plug RBN-1 4 in a set
Y rag RYG-1 4 in a set
Both RBN-1 & RYG-1 cable insertion hole inside diameter is 4.5mm

Audio Excellence Award Prize 2007