QSA – Quantum Science Audio Audiophile Fuses

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QSA – Quantum Science Audio Audiophile Fuses

Quantum Sciences has been working on research and development of their fuses for over 22 years. Their proprietary technology removes what they call “bottle neck distortion”, making the sound reproduced by your components more alive, unbelievably dynamic with an ultra dark sonic background. Enjoy the musical experience in your home like never before!

The fuse is one of the biggest bottlenecks in any audio component performance. At QSA, their belief is that the biggest bottleneck in an audio components’ performance is the fuse. All of the power feeding your component (probably from a very expensive power cord) ultimately runs through this tiny filament of wire -a ten cent part- before it enters your system. Power cords can and do help, as does power conditioning, but ultimately it is the fuse that is the weak link in the power chain. QSA has spent 22 years working to eliminate this bottleneck. Their line of fuses spans a wide range of performance levels and price points. All are designed to eliminate the distortions created by a typical fuse. The end result are fuses that allow your components to perform at their best. Drawing you into the music on an emotional level you might not have thought possible. QSA’s value proposition and challenge to the customer is that these fuses will outperform the sonic benefits power cords and cables costing many times more.

There are seven levels available:

Light Blue at $110

Yellow at $309

Violet at $1,090

Red at $2,050

Red Black at $4.090

Silver at $7,150

Gold at $14,300

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