Acoustic Revive Power Distribution RTP Ultimate

Acoustic Revive Power Distribution RTP-Ultimate

Available models:

RTP-2 Ultimate 2 outlet

RTP-4 Ultimate 4 outlet

RTP-6 Ultimate 6 outlet

Principle and structure

A block of 2017 Duralumin carved out housing!
RTP-2, 4 and 6 ultimate`s box is made from 2017 Duralumin, which has the best vibration declining characteristics and excellent sound quality.

A block of 2017 Duralumin has been carved out into a luxury structured box.

Comparison of metal materials vibration decrement characteristic

Block carved out structure has far better vibration declining characteristic, sound quality and less distortion compared with thick metal sheet bolted together into a box.

The boxes maximum thickness is 25mm, so not only it has a excellent vibration declining characteristic, it also total shut out any noise from getting inside, which lead to overwhelming S/N ratio.

Eliminates noise and static electricity non-contact and non-magnetism!

RTP-2, 4 and 6 ultimate`s box is filled with Green carborundum, Tourmaline powder and natural quartz powder to eliminate noise and static electricity without no contact and non-magnetism.

Most of power supply box uses series type noise filter.

But series type filter transfers noise elements to heat by magnet which not only absorbs noise, it also absorbs important electrical energy.

Also the magnetic body produces magnetic distortion by the noise absorption which adds a distorted feel and thinness to the sound.

This is because an electromagnetic wave absorbent material itself is a strong magnetic body.

Also parallel type noise filter or choke coil can not avoid loss in transmission energy.

It eliminates noise buy it takes away feeling of restraint and energy feel from the sound.

Green carborundum has no side effects because it non-magnetic body.

It only absorbs electromagnetic wave noise which is produced from receptacles and internal wiring.

Green carborundum is the only electromagnetic wave absorbent material which improves sound quality and S/N ratio.

Also the Tourmaline powder releases negative ion and keep the amount static electricity very low.

The natural quartz powder releases far infrared rays which has an surface activation effect. This leads to very realistic and sound filled with a feeling of throbbing pulse.

ACOUSTIC REVIVE Power Distribution RTP-Ultimate

Audio Excellence Award 2008 Top Prize for accessory category
Audio Excellence Award 2008 Judge Special Prize
U.S Audiophile Magazine “The Stereo Times” Most Wanted Components Award 2008
2004 Audio Excellence Award accessory category for RTP-4evolution
2002 Audio Excellence Award Top Prize for accessory category for RTP-6

High evaluation reviews!
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