Acoustic Revive FCS-8 Noise Filter

Noise from inside is serious rather then from outside!
Speaking of noise removal, most of people concentrated on outside nose till now. But noise generated within the house is very serious. Noise occurring within the house does not get purified and reaches the audio equipment throw indoor wiring which destroys sound quality. Most of household equipment releases large quantities of inverter nose and personal computer releases digital noise.

Using it on noise outbreak source solves problem!
Therefore it is an idea of reversal. Filter for noise outbreak source. By fixing the filter on to air conditioner, telephone, FAX, computer, refrigerator, TV and other household equipments power supply cable stops the outbreak of nose and stop the noise from reaching audio equipments. FCS-8 improves quality of audio equipment without any side effects. Some filter tap and noise cut machinery tends to make sound thin. But you will be surprised with feeling of throbbing pulse and transparency of sound when you use FCS-8.

Side effects when filter used on audio equipments
Until this time, noise tap and noise cut machinery was used to eliminate noise. By using series and parallel filter on audio equipment eliminated noise, but side effects such as loss in feeling of throbbing pulse and feeling of volume decreased. This is because when noise gets carried on the power supply cable surface, series filter converts noise into joule heat, which draws transmission energy.

Use it double or wrap it around once or twice increases effect!
Use two or three FCS-8 on strong noise source such as computer and air conditioner or put the power supply cable few times through FCS-8. In theory, wrapping once around has 4 times more effect of eliminating noise and 9 times when twice.

Great effects on picture equipments
FCS-8 shows a great effect when it is used on projector, plasma and liquid crystal display. It will improve picture S/N ratio and color.

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2 extra large, 2 large, 2 round shaped large and 2 medium filter. Total of 8 in a set.

VISUAL GRAND-PRIX 2004 for Home Theater accessories

Weight27 kg