Acoustic Revive BWA-4 Bi-wire Adapter

Expensive jumper wire is meaningless!
Many speaker recently adopts bi-wire input terminal. ?This is to prevent from backwardelectromotive force of woofer effecting high frequency which effects the sound quality.Originally, two amplifier drives the woofer and tweeter separately, or one amplifier connected by two speaker cable.? One cable connected to woofer, and the other cable to tweeter.? This is the right correct connection, but it seems to be that not many people knows that.
Because not many people knows this fact, there are manufactures starting to sell expensivejumper wire which is meaningless.? Correct way of connecting speaker cable onto bi-wirespeakers is to remove jumper and connect separately to woofer and tweeter by using twospeaker cables.? But problem is a lot speaker cables are becoming very expensive.? So it isvery difficult to buy two sets of speaker cable newly.? Also some of amplifier only have one set of speaker terminal.
ACOUSTIC REVIVES`s bi-wire adapter BWA-4 will solve the problem.? Cut off 30cm fromthe tip of speaker cable, and from BWA-4 to speaker terminal, connect the cable separatelyto woofer and tweeter.? This will give you almost pure bi-were connection and prevents frombackward electromotive force.

Ultimate conductivity which does not cause sound quality deterioration!
We have raise the conductivity performance to the limit.? This is to make sure sound quality does not deteriorate by inserting an adapter between the amplifier and speaker.? As for materials we have adopted rhodium plated lead less brass and for the screw, gold plating.? Also to make sure the cable is fixed firmly, double screw structure is adopted.? For these parts, -196°C Super cryogenic treatment is been done to increase the conductivity.

Vibration control structure to improve sound quality!
BWA-4 is made from 2017 Duralumin and brass.? This different metal combination is an effect of controlling vibration.? This vibration control effect quickly eliminates vibration from speaker terminals and speaker cables to improve sound quality.

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Sold in pair

Diameter of input cable insertion side 4.3mm
Diameter of output cable insertion side 5.9mm

Input side can attach a Y rag too (Y rag insertion size over 8mm)

Audio Excellence Award 2007 for accessories category

Weight21 kg