Lignea Speakers by Franco Serblin

LIGNEA Speakers by Franco Serblin

After three years of research and development, LIGNEA, one of the last projects conceived by Franco Serblin, has become a reality. During all the steps, I always followed his teaching and his “modus operandi” for every single detail. Today I wish to affirm that the value we give to things is the meaning we put in them. The value I attribute to the LIGNEA project is the profound esteem I always had for Franco – Massimiliano Favella.
LIGNEA comes from the need for a small loudspeaker that may be easily integrated in the environment.
Its aesthetic features, its dimensions and the quality of the sound make it unique, yet satisfying for everyone. Every cabinet is made from a single piece of solid wood. The aluminum panel housing the components blends harmoniously with the diffuser. The wood chamber has a special refraction construction allowing for better control of resonances.

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Franco Serblin LIGNEA Speakers Specifications 

Frequency Response: 58 Hz – 36 Khz, in room Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω
Sensitivity: 83 dB/1W/1m
Minimum power amplifier: 20W/channel Dimensions: 50 cm × 29,5 cm × 105 cm (unpacked) Weight: 16 kg/pair (unpacked) – 18 kg/pair (packed)

System: 2 way (speaker) – 4 litres – vented cabinet – floorstanding Drive units: Midwoofer 110mm – customised
Tweeter 27 mm impregnated textile
Cabinet: Solid wood – refraction chamber for resonances and standing waves control
Stand: Stainless steel brushed

Crossover: First order, focus and depth of image

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FRANCO SERBLIN LIGNEA Speakers ” TONE Audio ” Magazine Review, December 2016 

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Weight8 kg