Lamm LP1 Signature Phono Preamplifier

Lamm Industries LP1 Signature 3 chassis Tube Phono Stage.

Dual monaural vacuum tube phono preamplifier with two separate audibly neutral power supplies featuring full-wave vacuum rectifiers, choke contained filters, vacuum tube high-voltage regulators, solid-state low-voltage analogue non-switching regulators used as the heater supplies.  Three separate inputs for MM and MC (two inputs) cartridges.  All amplification stages utilize high transconductance super low noise high-current vacuum triodes.  Pure class A operation.  No loop feedback is employed.  Accurate passive RIAA EQ network.   Tube complement: two-6C3P (6C3П), two-6C45P (6C45П) 
(phono preamplifier); four-12AX3/12BE3, two-6C19P (6C19П), two-6AK5, two-5651A (both power supplies).

Manufacturer’s website LAMM

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” STEREOPHILE ” Magazine Review , Highly Recommended Component

” The dual monaural phono preamplifier model LP1 Signature 
is the ultimate statement of perfection in High End audio.  
Just like the ML3 Signature and LL1 Signature, the LP1 Signature is one of the best creations of its designer’s professional career. “


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LAMM Industries LP-1 Signature Phono Preamp review by ” Positive Feedback ” Online Magazine, December, 2016


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