DarTZeel NHB-18NS Stereo Preamplifier

DarTZeel NHB-18NS MKII New Improved Version of a legendary NHB-18NS Stereo Preamplifier.

A New approach to Preamplification
The darTZeel NHB-18NS is the logical partner to the now legendary NHB-108 model one power amplifier.
In keeping with the very same philosophy, darTZeel uses dedicated circuits reduced to their most basic form. Here again, there is no application of any overall negative feedback. The delicate, small audio signal amplified by the NHB-18NS only passes through 7 silicon junctions from input to output, including the 11 dB full discrete gain stage. For the phono stage, we only add 6 junctions, for a maximum additional boost of 66 dB (77 dB in total).
The advantages of these new circuits, whose designs are patented, are in the same league as the NHB-108 power amplifier: an extreme, pure sound quality never achieved before.

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4 xunbalanced line-level (switchable between RCA and 50 ohm Zeel BNC), 
1x unbalanced phono (RCA), 
1x balanced (XLR). 

1x unbalanced (RCA), 
1x balanced (XLR), 
1x buffered Tape Out (RCA), 
3x 50 ohm darT (BNC). 

Frequency responses (depend on measurement method): 
1Hz–1MHz , +0/–6dB; 
10Hz–100kHz, +0/–0.5dB; 
20Hz–50kHz, ±0.5dB (XLR inputs & outputs). 

THD: <1%, 7Hz–77kHz. 
Signal/Noise Ratio: 100dB (A) line level; >70dB phono. 
Risetime: <0.8µs. 
Slew rate: >88V/µs peak–peak. 
Crosstalk: below –90dB, 20Hz–20kHz. 
Dimensions: 440mm W x 170mm H x 415mm D. 
Weight: 26kg including 3kg power supply.

Weight2 kg