Audia Flight Strumento No. 1 MK2 Stereo Preamplifier


Audia Flight Strumento N°1 MK2 stereo preamplifier

The STRUMENTO N°1 is an unrivalled preamplifier where ultra low noise, speed and control ability are elements close to perfection.

A fully balanced circuitry, highly selected components, a power supply built with extra low impedance, computer grade capacitors (60.000µF only on the main power suppliers), 8 power suppliers,, special print boards with an extra high surface copper, copper bars, special audio transformers, ultra fast rectifiers, are only few of main elements.

For the volume control which also controls the balance of the preamplifier, we use only high-precision, low-noise, 0,1% tollerance metal foil resistors, commutated by high-grade relays.

This completely new volume control has costant impedance and it is absolutely silenced during the commutation, without clicking noises.

The STRUMENTO N°1 is the perfect device for transfer the signal to the power amplifier with the best precision, energy and speed (bandwidth more than 1,5MHz).

It is also available a modular system cards for phono inputs, SPDIF – USB 192kHz/32bits inputs, analog unbalanced and balanced inputs and other.

Manufacturer’s website AUDIA FLIGHT

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” Positive Feedback “ Online Magazine review 2017


” Haute Fidelite ” Magazine review , Reference Award!

“The Strumentos are superbly manufactured employing high-end circuits designed by Audia. These electronics reproduce music with absolute neutrality, very smoothly, but yet very precisely and defined. They own a remarkable harmonic palette and impressive dynamic capacities. The refined musicality of this pair matches with their look and gives to them an unfashionable Italian elegance.”


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Audia Fligh Strumento no.1 MK2 Specifications
Inputs 2 balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA + 3 balanced XLR
Outputs 2 balanced XLR and 1 unbalanced RCA
Gain range -90 dB / +10 dB
Gain resolution 0.5 dB
Frequency response (1W rms -3dB) 1 Hz ÷ 1 MHz
Slew-Rate (on 8 ohm) > 200 V/μS
THD < 0,05 %
S/N Ratio 105 dB
Input impedance 10pF 15 Kohm Balanced or Unbalanced
Output impedance 5 ohm
Main voltage AC (50-60Hz) 100, 110-115, 220-230,240 V
Max Power consumption 50W
Dimensions and weigth 450x120x450mm (wxhxd) – 28 Kg
Shipping dimensions and weigth 580x300x580mm (wxhxd) – 38 Kg

Weight2 kg