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Wilson Benesch Resolution Speakers

Quick Overview

Wilson Benesch Resolution Speakers

Resolution is the latest loudspeaker from the Wilson Benesch loudspeaker line ‘Geometry Series’. Designed and engineered at the Wilson Benesch manufacturing facility in England. Resolution incorporates the company’s state-of-the-art drive technology in a unique high-tech enclosure, formed from a carbon fibre composite monocoque and precision machined metal alloy components. Market leader in execution, time and phase coherence, signal-noise ratio and ultimate high fidelity audio performance.

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Sensitivity: 90dB

Impedance: 6 Ohms Nom. / 3 Ohms. Min

Frequency Response: 30Hz – 30kHz

Dimensions: 159cm (60”) H x 52cm (20.5”) W x 54.7cm (21.5”) D

Weight: 90kg / 198.4 lbs


Aesthetic Execution

The Geometry Series has been developed using advanced Dassault 3D CAD/CAM systems, used exclusively within the development of formula one and aerospace technologies. In these industries, uncompromising design and ultimate performance are axiomatic and appreciated by the untrained eye. The Resolution is no different, its form follows function, giving rise to the curved, sculptured forms seen in the carbon fibre top or the curved composite enclosure. These forms increase the enclosure stiffness and reduce the incidence of standing waves in the listening environment, giving rise to the most inert and inaudible loudspeaker cabinet in the industry. As a result the Resolution disappears, stealth like, within the listening room leaving only you and the music.

 Advanced Composite Technology

Recognized as the pioneer and leader in the use of carbon fibre composites in loudspeaker and turntable design, Wilson Benesch have three-decades of expertise in the field. Combining complex geometry and component design with carbon composite – metal alloy materials, provides the Wilson Benesch team with a number of advantages. Principally, the enclosure is one of the stiffest, most highly damped loudspeaker enclosures ever created. Additionally, carbon fibre enabled Wilson Benesch to design an enclosure with a complete absence of internal bracing, affording the drive technology in its chassis, unrivaled control. The Resolution is powerful and dynamic, yet composed, uncluttered and aesthetically beautiful.

Advanced Acoustic Design

Resolution, is equipped with the latest Wilson Benesch drive technologies, that have been designed, developed and manufactured by the company’s design team. Both the Tactic-II dynamic drive unit and the Semisphere Tweeter are built using powerful NdFeb magnets. The magnets are assembled within highly engineered, low-profile alloy structures designed to extract maximum power from the exotic magnets. 

Wilson Benesch utilise Isotactic Polypropylene in the Tactic-II and a Silk-Carbon hybrid dome in the Semisphere. The choice of materials within the membrane of the drive technology is critical to the character of the Resolution, providing an intelligently considered balance of stiffness and damping characteristics. The Resolution is capable of producing a wide bandwidth frequency response from 30Hz to 30kHz, whilst remaining transparent and integrated across the band, suspending belief and allowing the listener to disappear within a wide-open soundscape.

You and the Music

With a complement of 12 Tactic-II dynamic drive units and 2 Semisphere Tweeters per pair, the Resolution is a complex loudspeaker design. Within this complexity exists order and harmony in the drive unit topology. In the midrange and high frequency, Wilson Benesch place an upper and lower midrange drive unit either side of the Semisphere Tweeter in an arrangement known as the Troika System, delivering perfect time and phase coherence.

Bass is delivered by 4 Tactic-II dynamic drive units forming 2 clamshell Isobaric Drive Systems. The execution of the Isobaric Drive System in the Resolution is striking. It is indicative of the function of this powerful system in the creation of low frequency sound, providing the listener with all the excitement and physical impact expected of a low frequency signal.

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