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Stillpoints Ultra Base

Quick Overview


Take Your Ultra 5 to the Next Level

Stillpoints Ultra Base improves the performance of Ultra 5. By adding extra elevation and isolation to your equipment, you'll hear drastic improvements in soundstaging, resolution, and musical refinement. Find out what your equipment is truly capable of achieving with the finishing touch Ultra Base provides.

Each Ultra Base measures 3" wide and 0.5" high.

The Ultra Base provides a solid, wide platform for the Stillpoint Ultra SS. With the Ultra Base you can face the Stillpoint upwards or downwards. The Ultra Base also is terrific if you have hardwood or tile floors, providing a surface that is less likely to damage the finish of your floors.

Manufacturer's Website STILLPOINTS



  • Height: .5"
  • Diameter: 3"
  • Available in set of 3 or set of 4


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