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Triode JUNONE Reference One Preamplifier

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Triode JUNONE Reference One Preamplifier

Triode has celebrated its 20th anniversary in the year since its establishment in 1994. In the meantime, we have to provide a number of products to the audio fan on the concept to provide in an easy price purchase a good sound. However, on the other hand, it has continued to warm a strong feeling that you want to pursue a really good sound without cost constraints and compromise.
To embody the passion is the finest brand JUNONE (Junon).
In contrast to the triode has pursued the height of the cost performance, put the audio part of the finest grade everywhere, without having to compromise, it is a new brand to pursue the pinnacle of sound quality.
The first step is the preamplifier .

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Triode JUNONE Reference One Preamplifier Specification:

Vacuum tube: RAYTHEON made 6KZ8 - 4 this (pre-part) 
ELECTRO HARMONICS made 6DJ8 (6922) - 2 this (buffer part) 
RCA made 22DE4 - 2 this (for power rectification) 
6DJ8 other than vacuum tube is using a vintage tube
- Gain (gain): 20dB
- Frequency characteristic: 16Hz ~ 125kHz (-1dB)
• Input terminal: balance 2 line (pin 2 hot), unbalanced 4 system
• Output terminal: Balance 1 line (pin 2 hot), unbalanced three systems
Balance input sensitivity / impedance: 250mV / 200kΩ
Unbalanced input sensitivity / impedance: 250mV / 100kΩ
• The output impedance: Balanced 600Ω, unbalanced 800Ω
And size / weight: Controller W440xD390xH130mm / 13.0kg 
power supply unit W440xD390xH102mm / 13.6kg