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TAOC SUB-HC50W Isolation Sound Platform

Quick Overview

TAOC SUB-HC50W Isolation Platform (Warm and Mellow Sound)

TAOC launched its first audio board in 1983. Based on 30 years experience and technology TAOC introduces new audio board series made with honeycomb structured board where each of the hexagonal spaces in the honeycomb is filled with cast-iron powder. TAOC pursues high-resolution sound, which is improvement of bass response and advancement of information amount. In addition the new board is particular about quality feel of music.

NEW structure of the board

And high-density fiberboard around the honeycomb core Ri new development and cast iron powder enter the five-layer sandwich structure of the surface material, the back side material Waveform comparison and vibration suppression audio board Board damping weaklyAttenuation of vibration equipment is slow mix sound.

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TAOC SUB-HC50W Specifications:

  • Warm and mellow sound
  • SUB-HC50W
  • Dimensions : 495W x 445D x 26H mm
  • Weight 6kg
  • Color : Warm Yellow

Its high-density MDF (density: 0.72g/cm3), which provides excellent vibration absorption
performance, dramatically enhances the density of your sound.
‚óŹ Dierent combinations of material thicknesses have dierent eects on the quality of
your sound. Please choose the right combination for the sound you are looking for.