Stillpoints ESS Isolation Audio Rack

Quick Overview

STILLPOINTS ESS Isolation Anti Vibration Audio Equipment Rack

ESS racks are available in the following configurations

  • 2 , 3 , 4,or 5 levels.
  • Heights of 28", 34", and42".
  • Single widths of 20" and 26".
  • Double width of 40"

    ESS racks can be custom configured to include

  • 1" thick acrylic shelves (3/4" standard).
  • Ultra SS Stillpoints are optional.
  • The Grid and Ultra SS and/or Ultra Fives for shelves are optional
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  • Details

    Please find reviews below:

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    STILLPOINTS ESS Equipment Rack review by " Positive Feedback " Online Magazine, June 1st, 2016


    HI FI + " Magazine Review

    Ultra Audio " Magazine Review

    Stereo Times " Online Magazine Review

    The Audio Beat " Online Magazine Review

    The Stillpoints Audio Rack is a Golden Ear Award Winner

    Stillpoints ESS Racks represent a new standard in audio component isolation. As visually striking as they are sonically effective, the ESS Racks provide your system with the solid foundation it needs to truly perform at its peak. Nothing is added to your system's sound, but you will be amazed at how much unwanted clutter was hovering there, begging to be eliminated. The low end gains resolution and tightness, the midrange clearer and more articulate, while the higher frequencies become as sweet as your system can handle.

    "Adding the Stillpoints racks to my system was not like changing a component because there were no sonic tradeoffs. The ESS racks don't force you to pay a penalty in one area to get what could be an overall improvement in many others. Rather, the Stillpoints products raise the performance of every aspect of the system and degrade none. No listener in my view would ever prefer the system without Stillpoints. Moreover, if you already like the sound of your system, you'll like it even more."
    – Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

    Stillpoints ESS Racks are available in a 3, 4, or 5-shelf option. Each model is equally effective at isolating your system. Additional models and various upgrade options may be available via special order, so please call us to learn more about these incredible equipment racks.

    "The Stillpoints products provide a platform for your components to reveal more of their intrinsic qualities. Switching to the ESS racks didn't change the character of the components they housed but instead seemed to liberate those components from a low-level murkiness that obscured their personalities. The ESS racks brought a clarity and resolution to the system that threw into sharper relief differences between, for example, digital-to-analog converters or USB cables. It was like hearing more clearly through the playback system and recording chain what the microphones picked up."
    – Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound


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