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Soulution Audio 330 Integrated Amplifier

Quick Overview

Soulution Audio 330 Integrated Amplifier

An uncompromising preamplifier and an uncompromising power amplifier, both of reference quality, combined in one housing. A first class phono stage and an exquisite D/A-converter are also available as options. That is the way we at soulution understand the concept of an integrated amplifier.

The audio section of the 330 is physically separated from the power supply and digital circuits. In order to reduce interferences to a minimum, these sections are additionally shielded. The power amplifier section as well as its dedicated power supplies are executed in dual-mono layout for optimal channel separation (> 105 dB) which is key for a three-dimensional sound stage.

The amplification circuit of the 330 is based on the technology used in our Series 5 amplifiers. Current amplification is done in three stages, each with a narrow, almost linear operating range. The high Class A operation supplemented by more than 160,000 µF of storage capacitance results in a nearly infinite impulse response. High-precision idle current management ensures optimal Class A operation for all conditions, without requiring any readjustment in the music signal. Optimal sound is thereby guaranteed immediately from switch on. Control circuits that protect against RF or DC signals at the input and short circuits at the output ensure safe operation in all situations.

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Soulution 330 Integrated Amp Specifications

Mains 220 – 240 V (50 – 60 Hz) 
100 – 120 V (50 – 60 Hz)
Power consumption < 0.5 W Standby 
idle 350 W
Pre-Out 1 x balanced (XLR)
Loudspeaker 2 pair loudspeaker binding posts
Gain – 66 to + 36 dB
Power output 100 W @ 8 Ω 
200 W @ 4 Ω 
400 W @ 2 Ω (dynamic)
Frequency response (– 3 dB) 0 – 800 kHz
THD + N < 0.001%
Signal-to-noise ratio > 120 dB
Damping factor > 5,000
Output current max 30 A
Analog inputs 2 × balanced (XLR) 
2 × unbalanced (RCA) 
1 × Phono MC (optional)
Digital inputs (optional) 1 × AES/EB, 1 × SPDIF, 1 × USB, 1 × Network
Input impedance  3 kΩ balanced (XLR) 
3 kΩ unbalanced (RCA)
Channel separation < 110 dB
LINK (remote turn-on) 2 x phone jack (3.5mm)