Solid Tech Ros Rack Of Silence Series Audio Equipment Rack

Quick Overview

Solid Tech Rack of Silence a modern classic. It is with great joy and satisfaction we can announce that the Rack of Silence is into its second decade of production.

Now more versatile, easy to assemble and taken to an even higher performance level.

Rack of Silence available in following configurations :

Solid Tech ROS 1 Regular (1 level amp stand)

Solid Tech ROS 2 Regular (2 level rack)

Solid Tech ROS 3 Regular (3 level rack)

Solid Tech ROS 4 Regular (4 level rack)

Solid Tech ROS 1 Reference (1 level amp stand suspended)

Solid Tech ROS 3 Reference (3 level rack suspended middle level)

Solid Tech ROS 4 Reference (4 level rack suspended 2 middle levels)

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Width: 700mm
Depth: 500mm
Height: 900mm
Max Load: 2x 80kg Heavy-duty Shelf
  2x 40kg Basic Suspended Shelf
Distance between pillars: 520mm

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Cherry Stained Beech-Wood
Black Texture Painted Beech-WoodWhite Texture Painted Beech-Wood
Carbon Fiber Reinforced, Black Texture Painted Beech-WoodCarbon Fiber Reinforced, White Texture Painted Beech-Wood