SILTECH SAGA C1 Linestage Control Preamplifier

Quick Overview

SILTECH SAGA C1 Linestage Preamplifier (Limited Production)

The C1 is a high-quality, ultra low-noise line-stage/control unit. It is unique in combining batteries with vacuum tubes, with even the filament and HT supplies derived from the on-board battery power supply, with only a small trickle charger connecting the C1 to the AC supply. Its minimalist circuit and carefully engineered chassis are designed to maintain signal quality and dynamic range, adding mechanical isolation and minimum interference to the task of providing the perfect noise-free feed for the SAGA V1 and P1 amplification. Premium components are used throughout, while the point to point wiring is (naturally) the best available, Siltech’s proprietary mono-crystal silver.

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Siltech Saga C1 Specifications

Type: Class A triode-tube linestage preamplifier with battery power supply
Bandwidth: 1Hz–3.5MHz, -3dB
Gain: 9-10dB dependent on tube brand
S/N ratio IHF-A: 112–115dB
Dynamic range: 128dB
Dimensions: 480 x 80 x 340mm

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