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Shelter Audio 501 III MC Phono Cartridge

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Shelter Audio 501 III MC Phono Carteridge

The Model 501 III is latest development of 501 series. Through continued refinement the 501 III is equally responsive with the most recent recordings or any of your most cherished albums. The 501 III has the combination of aluminum clad boron cantilever and elliptical diamond stylus tip. The expressiveness, power and energy fare superbly balanced to highest level. 

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Shelter Audio 501 III Specifications


Output voltage: 0.5mV
Stylus tip: 03 x 0.7mil elliptical
Impedance: 14 ohm
Weight: 8.1 gram
Tracking force: 1.4 – 2 gram

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Stereophile " Magazine Review , Michael Fremer




Shelter 501 Review By 10 Audio
The 501 is very musical. It is somewhat more dynamic and has better response in the low bass and upper treble than the classic Koetsus. It is easily in the same league as the Helikon, Frog, better Benzs, etc. I prefer it to the vdH Black Beauty ($5k) that I owned for two years, as it is less sterile and more involving. The rating below is really not fair to this fine performer, and it forces the comparison with cartridges costing significantly more. The 501 deserves a 10 LP rating in its price class, which is really $1500-$2000 cartridges. Compared to the best, though, it earns a respectable 7 LPs. 

Shelter 501 Review By TNT 
Now a wide, open, grand stage isn't everything. It can be generated by fuzzy-sounding phase-anomalies, and at the other side of the spectrum, it can be sharp-etched like a blueprint. Neither of these presentations is, in my opinion, truthful. The Shelter, much like the DL-103, errs to the soft-focus side of things, the Benz being a bit more specific...Dynamically too this cartridge is no slouch. Much like the Denon, in fact, even more so than the Denon, drums thwack out with verve, and the sound is very much more alive and powerful than with the Benz cartridge. 

The Absolute Sound
Shelter cartridges…have been generating Internet “buzz” as price to performance leaders for well over a year. Let me come right out and say it: The Shelter 501 MK II is the best sub-$1000 cartridge I’ve yet heard. This cartridge has treble air without brightness, transient speed without overshoot, definition without edginess, focus without sterility, and bass weight without any thick or syrupy coloration. 

Stereophile Recommended Component, Class B 
One step up the Shelter line from the 301, the 501 MK.II ups the 301's output to 0.4mV and adds a 0.3 mil x 0.7 mil nude elliptical diamond stylus. Nearly identical to the $2,650 Crown Jewel SE, which Mikey once owned the 501 MK.II exhibited all of the CJ's sonic characteristics: a warm overall tonal balance with smooth high-frequency extension and solid, authoritative bass response, all completely free of grain and glare. "I recommend the Shelter 501 MK.II without hesitation. (Vol.28 No. 2)