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Shelter Audio 5000 MC Phono Cartridge

Quick Overview

Shelter Audio 5000 MC Phono Carteridge

The Model 5000 uses a different bobbin and wire than the 9000 and 7000. The front yoke and body shell use a slightly less sophisticated design but the sound quality is outstanding. This cartridge is perfectly balanced and develops a natural, smooth and pleasing experience.

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Shelter Audio 5000 Specifications

Output Voltage: .5mV
Weight 11g
Tracking Force Range: 1.4 to  2.0 g
Stylus Type: Elliptical Nude Diamond .3 x .7mil
Channel Balance within 1dB at 1kHz
DC Resistance: 14 Ohms
Compliance: 9cu
Recommended Load Impedance:
step-up transformer 20 to 40Ohms
head amplifier within 100 ohms
high gain eq-amplifier within 47k Ohms

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2011 Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Awards
The Absolute Sound - 2010 Editors' Choice Awards
Absolute Sound Editors Choice 2009
The Absolute Sound - 2008 Editors' Choice Awards

"First, the 5000 offers significant performance improvements relative to the next model down in Shelter's product line – the award-winning $850 501 Mk II. Specifically, the 5000 surpasses its less costly little brother by delivering more detail, more sharply drawn dynamic contrasts, and a more fully fleshed out, three-dimensional soundstage…the Shelter 5000 cleanly delineates the timbres of individual voices and, just as importantly, shows each one is originating from its own specific location within the soundstage." – Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound, March 2008

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