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Solid Tech Radius Isolation

Quick Overview

Solid Tech Radius Solo Suspension option

Optimum isolation characteristic and levelling is easily maintained by simply adding or subtracting springs in the corners, no tools at all are needed. A Suspension-Kit contain springs for isolating approximately 20 Kilogram, (44lbs). Loads exceeding 20 Kg (44lbs) up to 40Kg (88lbs requires an additional Spring-Set and above 40 Kg (88lbs) up to the maximum shelf load of 60 Kg (132lbs), two additional Spring-Sets are required.


The equally safe as ingenious and highly effective Radius Solo isolation device for the shelves is easily integrated into the corner pillar. Assembly of the device is simple, fast and does not require any tools.

Adapting and level adjustment for various weights, as well as unevenly distributed weight, can be easily accomplished at the point of assembly, by increasing or decreasing the amount of springs. If later on, there is a change in equipment used, just add or subtract amount of springs – no tools required.

The suspension kit for top or extension shelves contain all required parts needed for the isolation of the shelf plane. By using appropriate number of the 12 included springs, one can accomplish extremely effective isolation characteristics in all planes for weights ranging 5-20 kg (11-44 lb).
The springs are made of high-grade SS1774-04 steel, the highest industrial quality chosen for its superior reliability and non fatigue characteristics. Naturally, one can increase amount of springs to isolate weights up to 60 kg (132 lb), which is the maximum recommended shelf load.

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Width: 680mm
Depth: 500mm
Height: 120m
Max Load: 60kg
Distance between pillars: 520mm


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