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Purist Audio Design USB Cables

Quick Overview

Purist Audio Design USB Cables.

Purist Audio Design introduces the All New Ultra-high Performance USB Audio Cable. The USB cable is specifically designed for computer audio applications. The design uses large gauge conductors allow for accurate signal transfer up to 5 meters compared with other computer USB cables, which are limited to a few meters. This allows computers can be located away from audio components without compromising performance.

The Purist Audio Design USB Cable utilizes precision construction techniques and superior noise rejection result in a richer, more natural sound compared with computer USB cables. The cable also incorporates low noise dielectrics and double shielding providing superior noise performance for better resolution of musical details and a wider dynamic range.

Available models:

Hi-Performance USB Cable

  • Configuration: USB A to USB B

  • Available Lengths:1.0 M to 5.0 M

Ultimate USB Cable

  • Configuration: USB A to USB B; USB A to USB Mini

  • Available Lengths:1.0 M to 5.0 M

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