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TAOC PTS-N Spike Plates

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TAOC PTS-N Spike Plates

Improves all sound ranges
This is a revolutionary insulator that is eective in improving the entire audio range
from bass to treble. A spike made of high-carbon cast-iron, which is known for its
ability to enhance clear and powerful sound, and a spike plate made of “Advanced
High-carbon cast-iron”, a new material developed by TAOC, are combined in a pin
conguration. This adds subtlety and brilliance to clear and powerful sound for
improved audio quality across all ranges.
<Advanced High-carbon cast-iron>
We have evolved the high-carbon cast-iron material using our unique, patented
fabrication technique. This new material by TAOC retains its excellent damping
performance while achieving a hardness that exceeds all other materials.
Advanced High-carbon cast-iron material was evolved, using our unique, patented
fabrication technique.

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Made of gradation cast-iron, this plate is effective in reducing and controlling vibrations.

H - 5 mm x 35 mm diameter
Weight: 35g per insulator
Recommended load: 5kg or more/set of four
Stainless steel