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Aesthetix Janus Tube Preamplifier w/ PhonoStage

Quick Overview

Aesthetix Janus Preamplifier (Available in Standard and Signature version)

Janus is a full-function all-tube preamplifier with six line level inputs and one phono input. Janus represents the key features of Rhea phono stage and Calypso linestage combined into a single chassis. All tube amplification and output, a fully balanced linestage, discrete switched resistor volume control, versatile single-ended and balanced inputs and outputs, and dual-mono audio boards are all part of Janus. The full function remote controls all preamp and phono functions, including gain, loading, absolute phase and the internal demagnetizer. True to its Saturn Series heritage, the build and sound quality of Janus have won it global praise, including 2010 and 2011 TAS Editor's Choice Awards.

  • Fully balanced differential line-level circuitry with ability to internally balance a single ended input signal.

  • RCA and XLR provided for each input.

  • Discrete resistor volume control with 88 1dB steps.

  • Zero feedback.

  • Phono input: 40-75dB gain maximum, selectable via front panel or remote control.

  • Built-in MC cartridge demagnetizer.

  • 9 MC loading settings: 75-47,000 ohms, selectable via front panel or remote control.

  • All tube amplification and output (12 tubes total).

  • Two sets of XLR and two sets of RCA outputs per channel.

  • Bypass mode for home theatre processor throughput.

  • Absolute phase, selectable via front panel or remote control.

  • Full function remote included.

  • Available in black or silver faceplate.

Janus is available in two versions: Standard and Signature.

The standard version uses high-grade Rel-Cap polypropylene coupling capacitors. The Signature version uses exotic and expensive coupling capacitors and other critical parts to bring the performance to a higher level.

All versions of Janus can be factory upgraded to Signature.

Manufacturer's website AESTHETIX


Please find reviews below:

 Image result for 2016 editors choice award the absolute sound

(You) have lucked out and discovered just about the only really high-end, high-powered, genuinely versatile two-box vacuum-tube amplification option out there -- the Aesthetix Janus Signature and Atlas Signature." - Roy Gregory, (UK, September 2014) read review

...a model of refined grace and expressively quick but unexaggerated dynamics." - Roy Gregory, HiFi+ (UK, February 2014) read review

Speed and detail... highs without a glint of shrillness... low noise floor... hours of glorious, fatigue-free listening.The Absolute Sound High-End Audio Buyers Guide (Spring 2013, JANUS and CALYPSO SIGNATURE)

The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award (2010-2011, JANUS and JANUS SIGNATURE preamplifier)

...inserted the Janus Signature. What I heard then was nothing short of a transformation." -Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound (2009, JANUS SIGNATURE preamplifier)

Aesthetix Janus Specifications:
Inputs: 1 phono RCA (SE), 5 line RCA or XLR (balanced), plus 1 tape, RCA or XLR
Outputs: 2 RCA (SE) and XLR (balanced), 1 tape RCA
Phono gain settings: 8 total; 75, 68, 62, 56, 50, 44, 38 dB, and off
Phono load settings: 9 total; 47 K ohms, 10K, 5K, 2.5K, 1K, 500 ohms, 250, 125, and 75 ohms
Line level gain: 23 dB single ended (SE), in/out, and 29 dB balanced/out
Volume control: switched resistor network volume control with 88 1 dB steps
Front panel controls: main input, tape input select, volume, balance, phase, mute, display, bypass and standby
Remote controls: main input, tape input select, volume, balance, phase, mute, display, phono gain and loading, demagnetizer, bypass and standby
Frequency response: +- 0.25 dB, 20 Hz - 20 Khz
Signal to noise: measured at 70 dB minimum A-weighted (ref 1 mv input, 75 dB gain setting)
Line input impedence: 40 k ohms SE, 80 k ohms balanced
Maximum line input: 3.5 volts SE, 7.0 volts RMS balanced
Output impedence: 1K ohms SE, 600 ohms balanced
Recommended load: 10K ohms or greater (SE), 20K ohms or greater (Balanced)
Tubes, each channel: phono section: V1 & V2 (12AX7-factory graded low noise), V3 (12AX7), V4 (6922/6DJ8); line section: V1 (12AX7 or equivalent), V2 (6922/6DJ8)
Power consumption: 20 watts standby, 120 watts active
Physical dimensions: 4 3/8" high, 17 7/8" wide, 18" deep including jacks
Shipping weight: 40 lbs.