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Marten Supreme Sessions Vol. 1 Audiophile CD

Quick Overview

Supreme Sessions 1 is the first release from our new label Marten Recordings.

This initiative came in 2013, during the process of developing our magnificent reference loudspeaker system, Marten Coltrane Supreme 2. We felt the need to get to the core of the audio world; the music and the recording.

Our goal has always been to recreate magical musical moments and to bring those to life in our client’s homes. With Coltrane Supreme 2 we wanted to go deeper into that process and create our own reference while trying to recreate the moment. How close to reality could we get?

For the recording, we used our own state-of-the-art studio that is designed for listening to music and developing new loudspeaker models. We used just two high quality microphones to replicate the way human hearing functions. We also decided to make the recordings live in the studio to keep the dynamics and the live feeling as much as possible. Everything was done to record the instant in time rather than a production made afterwards.

Peter Axelsson is the producer, musician and recording engineer of the album and producer is Leif Olofsson - chief designer at Marten.

A number of musicians perform across 13 tracks and different music genres to present a wide range of styles, voices and instruments.

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Release date: January 2014

Label: Marten AB
Genre: Various


You Will Love Her Anyway / Mitch Hiller
Mitch Hiller: guitar, vocals Peter Axelsson: bass

This is a beautiful love song from UK singer/songwriter Mitch Hiller playing acoustic guitar and singing. Peter Axelsson is playing the acoustic bass.

Liten Visa
 / Staffan Linton

Johan Björklund Trio - Johan Björklund: drums 
Lisen Rylander: tenor sax Mattias Grönroos: bass

Liten visa (little lullaby) is an instrumental song played by a young jazz trio with drums, acoustic bass and saxophone. The trio is lead by drummer Johan Björklund.

Can’t Believe He Ever Said Goodbye

Mitch Hiller, John Marshall and Nick berry
Åsa Tåhlin: vocals Mitch Hiller: guitar, vocals Peter Axelsson: bass

The second song from Mitch Hiller, but here Mitch is singing background vocals, the lead song is by Åsa Tholin. Acoustic guitar by Mitch and bass by Peter.

Blue In Green
 / Bill Evans

Tommy Kotter: piano Göran Kroon: drums Peter Axelsson: bass

Now it is time for a piano trio. Tommy Kotter (a very well renowned Gothenburg pianist) is playing the grand piano fabulously in this jazz standard from Bill Evans together with the drummer Göran Kroon and Axelsson on acoustic bass.

Embraceable You
 / George and Ira Gershwin

Sven Berger’s Quartet - Sven Berger: soprano chalumeau 
Roy Andersson: alto chaumeau Sven Jansson: tenor chalumeau Grégoire Détrez: bass gamba

Another standard tune but with a very special twist. Sven Berger's specialty is to perform on historical instruments. This is why this track sound unusual but different and interesting. Sven Berger has been around making his special music since the 1960s when he participated in Swedish legendary pianist Jan Johansson´s LP “Musik från fyra sekler” (Music from four centuries).

 / Matti Ollikainen

Matti Ollikainen: piano Peter Axelsson: bass

Matti Ollikainen is a great Gothenburg based piano player, singer and poet. He plays in various places and is often playing with really famous and popular Swedish groups in different genres, but he is at his best in his own group called Franska trion (The French Trio). They play Ollikainen songs and strangely enough this group has to our knowledge actually nothing to do with France at all. On this recording the grand piano has been moved a bit compared to track number 4 so the sound is a bit more distant. 

When Only Love Remains
 / Mitch Hiller and Paul French

Ann-Sofie Nordh: vocals Paul Hirsh: piano Peter Axelsson: bass

Another beautiful love song from Mitch Hiller. The piano is played by UK pianist Paul Hirch with vocals by Ann-Sophie Nordh.

I Want A Little Girl
 / Murray Mencher and Billy Moll

TubaSextetten - Rickard Podgorski: trumpet Lars Elf: clarinet, tenor, sax Stig Erixon: trombone Dag Söderberg: banjo 
Bert Slättung: sousaphone Anders Winald: drums

Traditional jazz with Tubasextetten. Enjoy the bass played with the tuba and the smooth trumpet sound.

Its The Talk Of The Town

Gerry Livingstone, Al J. Neiburg and Marty Symes
Sven Berger’s Quartet, see track 5

Sound vice, it's a very special twist on this jazz standard played with the historical instruments from Sven Berger´s quartet.

Death And The Maiden
 / Franz Schubert

Sjöströmska String Quartet - Jenny Sjöström: violin 
Diana Lewtak: violin Märta Eriksson: viola Lisa Reuter: cello

String quartet music by Franz Shubert played by young Swedish group Sjöströmska kvartetten. It was a great pleasure to work with these very ambitious ladies.

Nobody’s Sweetheart 

Meyers and Schoebel, Gus Kahn and Ernie Erdman
TubaSextetten, see track 8

Another traditional jazz tune from the great old timers in Tubasextetten.

Like Someone In Love
 / Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke

Tommy Kotter: piano Göran Kroon: drums Peter Axelsson: bass

Please enjoy the piano trio´s lyrical version of jazz standard.

Lady’s A Tramp
 / Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart

Mitch Hiller: vocals Peter Axelsson: bass

The first Supreme Sessions is wrapped up by Mitch Hiller singing the evergreen Lady´s a tramp in his very own way. The bass from Peter Axelsson is the only instrument except for Mitch´s voice.