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  1. Acoustic Revive REM 8 EMF Canceller

    Acoustic Revive REM 8 EMF Canceller

    Acoustic Revive REM 8 EMF Canceller

    Principal and Structure:
    Strong electromagnetic waves emanate from power supply transformers inside of audio equipment. They have a negative influence on circuit boards and internal wiring, as well as neighboring components and cables, which destroys sound quality. In some equipment, power supply transformers have shielded covers or a power supply unit housed in a separate chassis. In most cases, the magnetic field passes through the shielding and equipment housing. Unfortunately, until today, there were no measures to mitigate or avoid such problems altogether.
    The REM-8 releases an electromagnetic wave generated by its original print coil and circuit. Due to its revolutionary concept and structure, the electromagnetic wave released from the REM-8 cancels any electromagnetic waves emanating from the transformers of components in the audio system. The REM-8 is very simple to use. Just place it underneath the componentユs power supply transformer without any contact. It will neutralize harmful electromagnetic waves, canceling their negative influence on equipment and cables. It will dramatically reduce noise, improve sound imaging and remove electronic glare, resulting in a very natural, realistic sound quality.

    Also effective on isolation transformers & noise reduction transformers!
    The REM-8 EMF Canceller also has a superb effect on specialized components such as, isolation transformers and noise reduction transformers. Most isolation transformers and noise reduction transformers have huge power supply transformers compared with those in audio components. So there are very powerful electromagnetic waves emanating from these particular transformers, which degrade their performance. Not only that, but those very components whose purpose is to improve sound have a negative effect on surrounding components due to electromagnetic field radiation. Placing the REM-8 underneath isolation and noise reduction transformers will neutralize their electromagnetic waves and will reveal their full potential. If this problem is solved on these components, you can expect a huge increase in sound quality throughout the system.

    Effective on vacuum tube amplifier output transformers too!
    EMF Canceller REM-8 has a superb effect on amplifiers with output transformers such as vacuum tube and Mcintosh amplifiers. On these kinds of amplifiers, the REM-8 not only has an effect on the power supply transformer, it also has an effect by placing it underneath the output transformer. Any electromagnetic wave from the output transformer will be neutralized and cancel any negative influence on the surrounding circuit. Improving the performance of output transformers will lead to a dramatic improvement in sound quality.

    Equipment with switching type power supplies will also improve!
    Recently, components employing small high efficiency switching type power supplies, rather than large power transformers have come into vogue. The REM-8 has a huge effect on this type of equipment. Switching power supplies release a very large amount of electromagnetic waves, just like huge power supply transformers, but they also scatter powerful electromagnetic waves, which further deteriorates the performance of other circuits and components.
    Just place the REM-8 underneath, near the switching power supply circuit. It will eliminate noise and the unnatural shimmering sound, characteristic of switching power supplies. Noise is reduced dramatically and the sound will become very smooth and realistic.

    Superb effect on video equipment too!
    REM-8 also has a superb effect on video equipment such as, projectors, Plasma TVs, DVD players, DVD recorders and BlueRay players. On projectors or Plasma TVs, just place the REM-8 near their power transformers or stick it on using Velcro or two-sided tape. On DVD recorders, DVD players and BlueRay players, place the REM-8 underneath or near the power supply unit. This will neutralize the electromagnetic waves emanating from the power supply and stabilize the video circuit. This will lead to an improvement in the S/N ratio, color saturation and contrast ratio.

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  2. Acoustic Revive Short Plug SIP-8F,BSIP-2F

    Acoustic Revive Short Plug SIP-8F,BSIP-2F

    Dramatic effect on audio blind spot! vibration control effect increased by eppoch-making vibration control material!

    Vacant digital and analog input terminals are the origins of unwanted noise. This noise invades equipment through the input terminals (they act like an antenna) and deteriorate the sound considerably. By employing these input terminal short-circuits, it prevents noise from invading the equipment, and furthermore, it makes the operation of the circuit more stable, resulting in a global improvement in the sound. In addition, the circuit board for terminals tend to be very thin and easily influenced by vibration. By using high specific gravity and hard material for the short pin, it reinforces terminals and protects from vibration.

    Principle & Structure
    Each equipments vacant digital input and analog input terminal are place where dust gets easily collected. Not only that becomes an origin of mixture for noise.
    By letting these input terminal short-circuit, it prevents noise getting inside the equipment. Furthermore, letting the input terminals short-circuit, unstable element of electrical current on ground side gets removed and movement of machinery circuit becomes stable.Result is, advantage for power supply impedance and sound quality improves greatly.In addition, board for terminal part tends to be very thin. This receives the influence of vibration. By using high specific gravity and hard material for short pin, it reinforces terminals and protects from vibration.Attention: Please don?ft connect it to output terminal, and REC out terminal. This will stop the sound.

    Attention: It has an remarkable effect for digital output terminal on CD transporter, but just in case please ask your manufacturer of the CD transporter or dealer if SIP-8F/BSIP-8F work perfectly.

    Superior material used for sound quality and vibration control effect
    SIP-8F/BSIP-8F is made of nonmagnetic gold plated brass and 2017 Duralumin. This has an effect on improving sound and reducing noise and vibration.

    Complete non-magnetism body structure
    Not only material, SIP-8F/BSIP-8F has adopted direct gilding on plating. This made the SIP-8F/BSIP-8F completely non-magnetism body structure.

    Rigid connection by highly precise process and vibration control effect improved by epoch-making vibration control material!
    We newly added the vibration control material sheet on both SIP-8F and BSIP-2F to further improve vibration control a sound quality adjustment material developed by professor Masao Sumita at Tokyo Institute of Technology by getting a Pre-venture support from JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency).is a epoch-making material and carries an overwhelming vibration control characteristic. It transfers and eliminates vibration energy from electrical energy to heat energy.Eight sheets for SIP-8F and two for BSIP-2F is attached in the each package. Stick on the back of SIP-8F and BSIP-2F and listen to the sound quality difference and adjust the number of uses.If the vibration control characteristic has matches well, the sound will become smoother and low end frequency will become powerful and a feeling of throbbing pulse will improve. On the other hand if the characteristic does not match, the sound pressure and a feeling of throbbing pulse will decrease.

    So it that happens, please adjust the amount of sheet.

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  3. Acoustic Revive WS-1 Room Acoustic Conditioner

    Acoustic Revive WS-1 Room Acoustic Conditioner

    Highest grade silk without a side effect on sound quality
    Chemical fiber is used in most of high-end room tuning materials surface on market.
    By using chemical fiber, it difficult to avoid side effect, such as peculiar sound.
    Even if there are effects such as diffusion and sound absorb, many user may hada experience of having the feel of sound becoming poor. This is because of material used on the surface.
    WS-1 uses only highest grade silk material from Hasegawa store, which is the largest
    silk wholesale dealer in Japan.
    Silk in the only fiber that has random cellular tissue, so it does not have a outbreak ofpeculiar sound and an incidental sound.WS-1 give you extremely smooth and warm tome by the help of superior diffusion effect.

    Light weight and compact! Install it in any kind of place
    WS-1 is easily installed onto the wall, because of it is extremely light weight and compact.
    Not to mention, on ceiling and small space such as back of rack mount.
    On the back of WS-1, there is velcro tape. As soon as after purchase, it is easy to install on to the wall by using this velcro tape.

    Flat frequency characteristic by special low repulsion urethane foam
    Inside the WS-1, we adopted the special low repulsion urethane foam for extremely fat sound absorbing characteristic across a wide range of frequency.
    Glass wool, carbon paper wool and polyester has an uneven sound absorbing characteristic.
    Instead, WS-1 has a very even sound absorbing characteristic. This makes sound from the speaker very natural.

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  4. Acoustic Revive RWL-3 Acoustic Conditioner

    Acoustic Revive RWL-3 Acoustic Conditioner

    Theory and structure
    Diffuses reflection and sounds from speaker ideally by its special material ditch which has different depth.RWL-3`s ditch has been designed by computer analysis and listening test. Also carefully calculated curve will diffuse sound in wide space compared from other diffusing type room tuning panels.The high-tech natural silk material and special foam material which contains Tourmaline releases negative ion which will make the sound very smooth and materializes excellent sound quality.


    Sound absorbing type room tuning only kills sound
    RWL-3 only tune and diffuses sound ideally so it does not kill sound like sound absorbing type room tuning such as glass wool, thick chemical fiber and room tuning using the Helmholtz principal.
    You have to remember that any sound which has been absorbed will never come back again. Sound absorbing type room tuning takes away musically necessary elements such as feeling of energy a feeling of throbbing pulse. RWL-3 only eliminates unwanted elements like reflection, flatter echo and standing wave so the sound released by the speaker becomes very clear and at the same time, feeling of sound volume and energy will increase.

    Conventional diffusing type room tuning panels problems solved
    I`m sure that many people have listened to audio in a room which has expensive diffusing type room tuning which said to be analyzed by computer.
    People which who have listened to these room tuning must have experience sound such as pore sound position, corrupted sound stage and in a worst case, pore phase characteristics. This is because, unnecessary reflection occurs inside the room tuning random ditch and an outbreak of huge cross-modulation distortion stays inside the ditch. Diffusion type room tuning materials which said to have each frequency band analyzed by computer has not put elements in account such as room size, shape and a type of speaker and size.

    This is a reason why cross-modulation distortion happens inside the ditch which destroys sound quality. RWL-3 not only depended on computer analysis, few hundred of trial products were made and few hundred of listening test was taken place. These test and trial products created an ideal curved diffusion structure which leads to superb phase characteristics, solid sound position, wide and deep sound stage. We are confident of people who have doubts with conventional room tuning will feel and listen to the excellent room tuning characteristics of RWL-3. Even just placing only one RWL-3 at the center between the two speakers.

    Tourmaline contained natural silk & foam material which creates an overwhelming smooth and natural feel and sound tone
    When you use a conventional room tuning material, sounds tend to loose a gloss and moisture feel and becomes dry and rattled sound.
    This is because most of room tuning materials surface including diffusion type room tuning uses chemical fiber. The room tuning materials surface creates reflection even if its absorbing type room tuning materials surface. This reflected sound joins the sound from the speaker. A chemical fiber carries a uniform fiber which has an outbreak of a peak (resonance) and this peak become an unpleasant and irritating reflection which destroys the played backed sound from the speaker.

    We adopted a natural top quality silk as an RWL-3`s surface material. Silk is the only fiber which carries a random tissue and does not have an outbreak of peak (resonance). So it is possible to get a very smooth and excellent quality tone.


    Further more, RWL-3`s silk material contains Tourmaline which releases negative ion. As you know, silk is produced from a silk thread which released from silkworms mouth. The leaf which the silkworm eats is added with Tourmaline powder. So Tourmaline is naturally contained in the silk. Also the curved ditch which has a random depth is made from special foam aterial which also contains Tourmaline. So together with the silk surface material, RWL-3 releases a strong negative ion effect. Negative ion improves the sound viscosity and makes the sound wave transmission smooth which leads to clear, excellent resolution, smooth and high quality tone. RWL-3 will exceed conventional room tuning materials concept and sound quality which will give you very smooth and natural tone.

    This is because, RWL-3`s design and material is carefully chosen to perform high quality room tuning in any kind of room. RWL-3 will change your room acoustic and give you superb phase characteristic, sound position, wide sound stage, detailed information and realistic tone which you have never heard before, and we are confident that your room acoustic will exceed studios which is said to be acoustically carefully thought.

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  5. Acoustic Revive RR-888 Ultra Low-frequency Pulse Generator

    Acoustic Revive RR-888 Ultra Low-frequency Pulse Generator

    What is the Schumann Resonance?

    The "Schumann Resonance" is a resonance frequency that exists in the Earth's "electromagnetic" cavity; i.e. between terrestrial surface and ionosphere. German physicist W.O.Schumann first detected the resonant properties of this terrestrial cavity in 1954. It is said that the Schumann Resonance is a breathing phenomenon of the Earth that is lasting from old time of the Earth creation and is giving a positive effect to the human brain.

    Humans, animals and plants have become accustomed to this frequency of 7.83Hz over a very long period of evolution.

    But recently, many unnatural radio waves and electromagnetic waves disturb this frequency of 7.83Hz, it has changed the influence that it has on us.

    Our research was started from the point of view that [If Schumann Resonance Waves have a positive effect on the human brain, how does it react to human hearing?], it became clear that there was a surprising effect to both of hearing and sight.
    Then, we developed and manufactured a device to generate the 7.83Hz electric wave artificially, the Ultra-low Frequency generator RR-888 (Patent Pending)


    RR-888 changes your listening room to the sound field without muddiness and fills it with a feeling of air, reproducing a realistic sound stage where all the musical instruments are set free.
    This effect has been evaluated also by musicians and recording engineers, and RR-888 is used at several mixing rooms and mastering rooms.

    How to use

    RR-888 should never be in direct contact with other devices

    When you connect the RR-888 to the wall receptacle with the AC adapter (included), you set the RR-888 at a height of over 1m50cm in your room.

    If the height of the location of the RR-888 is less than 1m50cm, the effect becomes less, therefore, you must make sure of the height of the setting position. If the height is obtained, then the other angles are less important, however you may experiment to find the best overall position in your room.

    Picture quality improves as well by the RR-888 A focus of the picture is improved!

    The RR-888 brings a great ability of a projector, such as CRT Projectors, DLP Projectors, Liquid projectors. By using RR-888, the focus of the picture is much improved.

    We recommend that you use RR-888 as a final method of adjustment of the projector.

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  6. Acoustic Revive RIQ-5010 Pure smoky Quartz Insulator

    Acoustic Revive RIQ-5010 Pure smoky Quartz Insulator

    An attractive sound quality that only pure quartz has!
    Conventional insulators generate their unique tone according to the physical characteristic or the property of their each material, and it is only important whether their generated tone suit listener's taste or not. We, ACOUSTIC REVIVE, have tested every possible material that never generates own tone of the material and improves sound quality. Finally we found out pure smoky quartz and pure quartz as a material of the insulator. Pure smoky quartz and pure quartz don't generate their own tone, and they improve the sound quality. Additionally, reproducing sound becomes livelier. You will be surprise that the sound of the instruments or human voice have changed incredibly livelier, and extremely vividly. .

    The RIQ-5010 has many effects besides using as an insulator
    If you place the RIQ-5010 on the top plate of your equipment or near the input/output terminals, you can get the effects of improving sound. There are some theories why the quartz improves sound. Some say that the pure quartz absorbs an electromagnetic wave, some another say that the pure quartz controlls vibration, or that the pure quartz radiate far infrared light. Anyway pure quartz have effects of improving sound that are never gained from the other materials.

    Pure quartz's effects of improving sound quality is on a different level!
    Insulators that are made of the metal or the quartz glass generate hard and sharp sound. The RIQ-5010 never generates such sounds and improves sound quality extremely mellifluously, smoothly, lively and warmly. Additionally, the sound is well-modulated, and the rise time and decay time are both quickly, these two opposite values can be compatible.

    We try to secure ore, and try to keep producing the RIQ-5010 as long as possible
    Pure smoky quartz and pure quartz are both very scarce materials. We try to secure ore, and try to keep producing the RIQ-5010 as long as possible. But when we can't get ore, we will stop producing the RIQ-5010 and the RIQ-5010W.
    Note: Because of using pure quartz, crystal structures or impurities are shown inside of RiQ-5010 in some cases. Please accept it.

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  7. Acoustic Revive RGC-24 Ground Conditioner

    Acoustic Revive RGC-24 Ground Conditioner

    Ideal ground environment that dramatically improves sound quality!

    Principle and Structure

    As for audio product, it is an ideal to get high quality grounding from the earth.
    A lot people have trouble getting grounding done, because of the environment where they live.Even grounding has been done, it is difficult to get good result because of low ground resistance.This could lead to countercurrent of noise and radio single on to the sound.Also, if there is an mistake in how dropping the ground from the equipment, there is a chance of ground loop and ham noise getting on to the audio signal.
    RGC-24 fixes chassis electrical current potential and electric field outbreak by virtual ground environment.This leads to stability in circuit moment, which improves sound.
    Inside the RGC-24 there is blend of natural ore, which has minus electrical current potential.Electrical current potential and electric field from the equipment travels through the attached cable and to inside of the RGC-24.
    Even in the environment where ground is already is been drawn, you can improve sound quality more by using RGC-24.

    Blend of ore in main body of RGC-24

    Attached cable uses same structure as the highest grade single core cable

    ACOUSTIC REVIVE`s single core cable structure is used on RGC-24`s attached cable.The cable is made of 2.6mm x 2.2mm oval shaped PCOCC-A single line, natural silk buffer material,flexible Teflon coating copper pipe and carbon paper SF tube (CSP) for superior conductivity,high shielding effect and excellent sound quality. High-grade rhodium plating banana plug RBN-1 is used on RGC side.On the audio equipment side,gold plated Y rug is used for perfect conductivity.

    Where there is no ground terminal, RCA connection possible too

    RGC-24 has a screw parts which connect to ground terminal of audio equipment.
    If there is no ground terminal on your equipment.
    it is possible to connect to RCA input or output terminal by using RCA connection adapter IP-2. This IP-2 is included in the RGC-24 package.

    connection adapter IP-2

    connection adapter IP-2

    By having a excellent ground environment, circuit movement of the equipment becomes stable.This leads to remarkable improvement in S/N ratio and sound quality.In detail,no blur in sound image,clarity and 3D impression and actual feelings increases.Also,sound field spreads out and feeling of noise is swept away, improvement in depth and dynamic rage improves.Which relates to feeling of throbbing pulse and intonation expression.
    In addition, musical instrument and voice becomes smooth by feel of distortion decreases dramatically.

    Data proven an effect of RGC-24
    We used the Radiation Technology's electric field strength meter ELF-100E to measure the strength of electric field. The measured scale changes depending on equipment, but there is a definite decrease in electric filed strength.
    The system in this photograph, 900V/m was measured before connecting RGC-24 and 750V/m after connecting RGC-24.

    Sound quality improves more in ground drawn environment too!
    RGC-24 shows an effect even in the environment where high quality grounding is already been done.Also,it never generates outbreak of ground loop even you uses couple or more RGC-24.It just keeps improving S/N ratio and sound image more and more.

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  8. Acoustic Revive QR-8 Quartz Resonator

    Acoustic Revive QR-8 Quartz Resonator

    Arrival of ultimate tuning chip.

    Quartz Resonator QR-8 is not magic or occult. Reason why the sound improves by using QR-8 is that because, by placing QR-8 onto an agenda which causes resonance, the resonance frequency of agenda changes and it stops any resonation. Agenda such as plug, connector, parts, equipment switch, equipment housing, and door in the room, windows, wall, floor and ceiling resonates by its particular resonance frequency and by placing QR-8 will change the frequency and stops the resonance. But placing QR-8 to an agenda which does not resonate, adversely QR-8 may cause it to resonate or to over dump. So you have to be careful where you place the QR-8. You can check if QR-8 is causing the agenda to resonate or over dumping by listening to the sound.

    At first, place the QR-8 lightly onto the agenda which seems to resonate. If the sound improves, it means that QR-8 has stop resonation. If the sound improves, place the QR-8 firmly for a rigid placement. In other wise if the sound deteriorates, take off the QR-8 and try it onto other agenda. The QR-8`s adhesive power will last for a wile, but if the adhesive sheet starts to lose the power, use the replacement adhesive sheet. Finding the best effect carefully is the most important thing. 

    Natural smoky quartz used as material
    Till now, aluminum and specially treated aluminum, ceramics and special metal have been used as an material for tuning chipADThese materials carry resonance sound, and it only add these resonance sound onto the audio. Even though they stop the resonance, its particular sound gets onto the audio, and more you use these tuning chips, you start losing a feeling of throbbing pulse and intonation. QR-8 does not carry any resonance sound and particular sound, so you can get the sound quality that is realistic and a feeling of throbbing pulse and intonation. This is the reason why we adopted the natural smoky quartz.

    As long as you don’t choose the wrong resonance point, as more and more you use the QR-8, the sound quality of the audio system gets filled with a feeling of throbbing pulse and intonation.


    Material of adhesive sheet is also carefully chosen
    It doesn’t matter how the tuning chips material is superior, depending what adhesive sheet is used, the sound quality changes and in the worst case, the sound deteriorates. Some adhesive sheet stops the chip material from working as resonance eliminator. Some tuning chips on the market have adhesive sheet which is made from a very thick rubber material that hides the bad point of the chip material. These materials stop the chip from doing the job, and adhesive sheet works as a resonance eliminator. You can’t get a feeling of throbbing pulse, intonation and resonance control effect from rubber materials. Very thin Japanese paper based adhesive sheet is used on QR-8, which does not deteriorate sound quality and resonance control. Japanese paper based adhesive sheet brings out the full potential of the natural smoky quartz. Also QR-8 comes with a replacement adhesive sheet, so you can try the chip on different agenda.

    Which addenda can you get the best effect?
    Were to get the best effect from the QR-8 depends on the equipment, system and the room environment. Place the QR-8 lightly onto the agenda which seems to be resonating and find the sweet spot. In most cases, you can get an excellent effect on equipments main power switch, inlet connector of power supply cable, DC cable connector and lighting switch in the room. We recommend you to uses the QR-8 first on these points.

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  9. Acoustic Revive PSA-100 Pure Silk Absorber

    Acoustic Revive PSA-100 Pure Silk Absorber

    Pure Silk Absorber PSA-100 natural silk fiber absorbing sound material.

    Data demonstrates No.1 characteristic as speaker sound absorption material!
    Glass wool,wool,cotton,urethane foam and carbon paper wool is used as conventional sound absorption material.These materials did not have flat sound absorption characteristic.This is because,fibrous cell of each material was uniform.This made the particular peak and dip. We adopted natural silk for PSA-100.The reason is,natural silk material alone has a random fibrous cell.Natural silk has a flat sound absorption without having particular peak and dip.

    To sound absorption characteristic measurement result

    Cancellation effect on stationary wave around CD player & amplifier
    Harmful stationary wave occurs around CD player,amplifier and power supply tap.By placing small quantity of PSA-100 around equipment cancels harmful stationary wave by a distinguished diffusion effect. In addition,harmful static electricity occurs around power supply cable and various cable input and output terminal.With the help of natural silk of PSA-100, it removes effect of static electricity.The result is dynamic sound and improved transparency and remarkable S/N ratio.

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  10. Acoustic Revive CS-2F Outlet Stabilizer

    Acoustic Revive CS-2F Outlet Stabilizer

    Dramatically improves sound quality by controlling vibration of vancant receptacle and noise cut effect qithout any side effects!

    Metal conductive fittings of wall outlets and power supply boxes are made of a spring structured material.

    This spring structured material starts to vibrate due to speaker induced vibrations and the electric current itself. This causes noise and distortion and degrades sound quality.

    Just by inserting the CS-2Q into one of the free outlets, sound quality can be remarkably improved.

    By inserting CS-2Q, it controls the conducting parts vibration which reduces noise and distortion.

    It also improves picture quality greatly, such as DVD players and projectors.

    Principle and structure
    Unused outlet is a factor of sound and picture quality deterioration!
    Metal fittings of conduct part on wall outlet and power supply box is made of spring structured material.
    This springs structured material starts to vibrated by speaker vibration and electric current itself. This causes the noise and distortion to start and destroys sound quality.
    Greatly improve sound and picture quality!
    You can easily improve the sound remarkably, just by inserting the CS-2F into one of the free outlet.
    By inserting CS-2F, it controls the conduct parts vibration and reduces noise and distortion. It also improves picture quality greatly, such as DVD player and projector.

    GIt shuts out noise from outside too!
    Outer case of CS-2F is made of 2017 Duralumin. So not only controls vibration, just by inserting CS-2F it stop noise from outside to getting inside the outlet. Which improves S/N ratio.

    Superior vibration control structure
    Rhodium plated brass and 2017 Duralumin is used on conduct part of CS-2F to control vibration. Also, two kinds of polyolefin is used to increase the vibration control effect.

    No side effect such as a noise filter! Feeling of throbbing pulse improves too!
    There are similar products which adopt various parallel type noise filters. Parallel type noise filters are said to have not side effects such as loss of feeling of throbbing pulse and sound quality deterioration compared with series type noise filter.
    But in reality, when you actually listen to the effect of parallel type noise filter, there are loss in feeling of throbbing pulse and sound quality deterioration.
    Reducing noise or distortion and at the same time, reducing a feeling of throbbing pulse and sound pressure is illogical.
    CS-2F does not have any side effects such as loss in feeling of throbbing pulse and sound pressure. It only eliminates noise and distortion.
    Also the conduct parts of receptacle vibrate. So by inserting the CS-2F, it will improve the feeling of throbbing pulse and sound pressure will improve by its rectifying effect on conduct parts.

    Vibration control characteristic further improve by epoch-making vibration control material!
    We newly added the vibration control material sheet on CS-2F to further improve vibration control effect. is a sound quality adjustment material developed by professor Masao Sumita at Tokyo Institute of Technology by getting a Pre-venture support from JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency). is a epoch-making material and carries an overwhelming vibration control characteristic. It transfers and eliminates vibration energy from electrical energy to heat energy.
    Stick the attached sheet onto the back of main body of CS-2. If the vibration control characteristic has matches well, the sound will become smoother and low end frequency will become powerful and a feeling of throbbing pulse will improve. On the other hand if the effect is too strong, the sound pressure and a feeling of throbbing pulse will decrease. So it that happens, please cut the sheet into a smaller peace.

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