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Tara Labs ISM Onboard The 0.3 Interconnect Cables

Quick Overview

Tara Labs ISM Onboard The 0.3 Interconnect Cables

The OnBoard 0.3 is a state-of-the-art analog interconnect cable using an all PTFE (Teflon) air-tube construction and a pair of helixed Rectangular Solid Core conductors. The Controlled Bandwidth technology is employed using an Onboard capsule that is frequency tuned with Ceralex devices placed internally for the absorption of a selected bandwidth of RF and EMI interference.

The OnBoard 0.3 is designed for component interface of all extreme high-end audio components, especially components that are wide bandwidth and would benefit from the OnBoard 0.3 controlled bandwidth audio interconnect. The sound of the 0.3 OnBoard Interconnect is naturally balanced, rich and warm, with extended high frequencies that are airy and slightly forgiving of wide bandwidth electronics. To further meet the individual requirements of different audio systems and room acoustics, we have created 2 types of OnBoard 0.3 interconnect. Type 2 is the most popular with wide bandwidth components as it is slightly more forgiving in the extreme high frequencies, whereas Type 1 is slightly more extended in the high frequency response.

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Tara Labs ISM Onboard The 0.3 Interconnect Cables Specifications

•RCA “Torque-Lock”/XLR

•Onboard capsule provides controlled bandwidth

•Frequency response is extended and detailed

•Onboard capsule provides for a high frequency response that is extended without glare

•Twin-axial design features RSC Gen 2 conductors using Aero PE dielectric

•Anti-corrosive SAOF-8N copper shield

•New resonance control dielectric produces vanishingly low noise floor

•High-frequency response is linear and extended without any sense of glare or harshness

•Revealing and open

•Extremely neutral frequency response

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