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Miyajima Lab Shilabe MC Phono Cartridge

Quick Overview

Miyajima Lab Shilabe MC Phono Cartridge 

It is the best model of the cross ring method.
The African blackwood of the main body is used for the materials of a clarinet and the oboe.
It has beautiful luster with a heavy tree very firmly.

Manufacturer's Website Miyajima Labs 


Miyajima Shilabe Specifications

Body type : African blackwood
Frequency response : 
20Hz to 32kHz
Output level : 0.23mV
Impedance : 16 ohms
Recommended load : 100 ohms
Tracking force : 2.5 - 3.2g  3.0g recommended
Stylus type : 
Compliance 100Hz : 
Weight : 10.4g

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" STEREOPHILE " 2015 Class A Recommended Component

Miyajima Labs Shilabe: ✩
The Shilabe is a low-output (0.23mV), low-compliance design with an unusually high recommended tracking force of 2.5–3.2gm. Its Shibata stylus is attached to a large-diameter, old-fashioned–looking cantilever. Like Miyajima's Premium Mono, the Shilabe uses a patented "cross-ring" construction that centers the generator's fulcrum within the coil. Though it lacked the soundstaging and imaging of the Shun Mook Signature, the Shilabe had a sound that was "full-bodied, deep, and extremely well-defined," and offered "superbly coherent transient and harmonic presentation from top to bottom," said MF. AD also enjoyed the Shilabe's "consistently present, colorful, and downright chunky" sound. "It was the closest I've heard a stereo cartridge come to delivering the meat, the force, the sheer solidity of mono," he said. (Vol.32 No.9, Vol.33 No.10 WWW)

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