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Miyajima Lab Infinity Mono Phono Cartridge

Quick Overview

Miyajima Lab INFINITY Mono Phono Cartridge
INFINITY MONO made heavier than ordinary cartridges to pursue ideal.
It is a size outside common sense.
The size of the body is W 24.0 mm x D 28.6 mm.
The length of the terminal is 4.0 mm.
Please check whether it can be used for the tone arm or head shell you have.
That sound expresses unprecedented low tone volume, clear, three-dimensional, and instrumental quality.
It is music, not audio. This cartridge is special.
The wiring of the terminal of this monaural cartridge is the same as ordinary stereo cartridge.

Manufacturer's Website Miyajima Labs


Miyajima Lab Infinity Specifications

Product name  Monaural Cartridge "INFINITY MONO" 
78rpm Cartridge "INFINITY 78rpm"
 Weight  About 14.8g African Blackwood
needle pressure
 "MONO" 3.0g - 4.0g
(recommended 3.5g)

"78rpm" 3.5g - 5.0g
(recommended 4.0g)
 impedance  About 6Ω
(About 0.4mV output)
 Compliance (10Hz)  around 8×10-6cm/dyne
 Appropriate temperature  20-30 Celsius (most suitable 25 C)
68-86 Fahrenheit (most suitable 77 F)
 Stylus Shape  "INFINITY MONO"
0.7 mil or 1.0 mil nude conical diamond stylus
"INFINITY 78rpm "
3.0 mil nude conical diamond stylus



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