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Magico Q1 Speakers

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MAGICO Q1 Speakers

Magico Q1 is representative of the pursuit in both the demands it meets from a performance stand point and the technology it employs to achieve that. Tireless driver development has yielded two new drive units allowing for better power handling and an additional 7Hz of bass extension than the venerable Mini II. Continued research into the damping mechanism used in the Q platform has also resulted in addressing the common problem of resonance in the stand mount. Instead of attempting to add mass to the stand and decoupling the speaker, the Q1 is directly coupled and the stand itself is a damping mechanism. In the Q1, Compromises of form factor, mass, power requirements, and versatility were not necessary due to eliminating inefficiencies in common problem solving design principles. The outcome is a compact, convertible stand-mounted/bookshelf loudspeaker with explosive, true full-range performance.

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MAGICO Q1 Specifications

Type: Two-way, stand-mounted mini-monitor in a sealed enclosure

Drivers: One 1" beryllium tweeter, one 7" NanoTec mid/woof

Sensitivity: 86dB/1W/1m

Impedance: 5 ohms (4 ohms minimum)

Frequency response: 32Hz to 50kHz +/-3dB

Recommended amplifier power: 50W

Dimensions: 10" x  44" x 15.2" (on stands)

Weight: 120 lbs. (including stands)

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