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Kennerton Vali Headphones

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Kennerton Vali Headphones

Entirely developed and handcrafted in Russia, the open-back Kennerton’s Vali headphones are using newest components to deliver the best listening experience while creating an aesthetically memorable product.

With Kennerton‘s Vali, we succesfully achieved a lively, natural sound, that finely strikes in the balance of neither being too dark and congested, nor overly bright and sharp. Its sound signature is wide and open, yet clear and powerful, befitting the best qualities from a dynamic headphones.

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Kennerton Vali Headphones Specifications:


Driver Unit 50 mm

Frequency Response 10-28000Hz

Sensitivity 100dB

Impedance 32Ohm

Maximum Input Power 500mW

Cord length 2m detachable 4-pin mini XLR OFC cable (3.5 mm)

Vali is equipped with unique 50mm drivers using ultra-lightweight paper composite diaphragms that are exclusively designed by the award-winning manufacturer, Peerless® by Tymphany. They offer great sensitivity while reducing unwanted resonance and distortion. Its audio performance is then carefully tuned by our Russian engineers to ensure that nothing falls below excellence.

The diaphragm is specially designed and made of a composite paper cone shielded in a multi-layered laminated film. The composite paper has been well known and widely used in speaker manufacturing because of the following reasons which you can also expect from Kennerton’s Vali.

  • Low mass Increases the response time to an incoming signal while minimizing the decay time. The result is a rich and emotional sound.
  • High internal damping: Minimum, almost zero additional resonances produced. The result is a smooth and vivid presentation.
  • Excellent stiffness: Allows the cone to oscillate without bending. The result is a much-reduced distortion.

The multi-layered laminated film further reduces the distortion by allowing the cone to move easily in perfect piston motion.

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