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Jorma Design Statement Speaker Cables

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Jorma Design Statement Speaker Cables

Jorma Design Statement

A cable that meets your standards.

Jorma Design delivers the last word in quality with Jorma Statement - a cable seven years in the making. Drawing on decades of design experience it is the ultimate in refinement and craft. Only the best materials have been chosen. Inside and out. From the extra dense walnut shell to ultra pure ceramics in the core. The result - a sound that is purer and cleaner than ever before. You demand the best out of your system, so give it the best.

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Highest Recommendation in Cables history from Japanese Accessories Magazine 

A revolutionary new design for Jorma. Statement Speakers Cables we 6 year project. In any system that we so far have compared them against Prime, is Statement a better cable on all parameters. Statement speaker cables have been introduced at CES 2014 to comlement Marten Supreme II as a perfect partner.