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Voodoo Cable iLink MP3 iPod Interconnect Cable

Quick Overview

VooDoo iPod iLink Cable 

Audio enthusiasts know how quality interconnect cable can improve the sonic performance of any component. An MP3 media player is no different. Conducting the audio signal from the MP3 media player to the component to reveal the best performance of your music requires the same cable design used with audiophile quality components. Whether you output at 22 or 44/48 MHz, the VooDoo iLink Cable will radically improve the clarity, sonority, and overall dynamic response of your music when connected to a Mac Mini, iPod, stereo receiver, pre-amp. The highs will be smoother, cleaner and clearer. Vocals and instruments in the midrange will come alive with a liquid presence. The acoustic soundstage will reveal greater musical ambience and spatial dimension. And the bass response will tighten with greater accuracy and depth. The VooDoo iLink Cable is specifically designed with a low capacitance signal conductor for MP3 media players. The iLink is constructed with cryogenically treated high-purity solid-core copper conductors that are sheathed in ISO-grade Teflon dielectric and 100% shielded from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The iLink Cable is terminated with a gold-plated stereo mini plug and Cardas rhodium over silver-plated RCA connectors that have all been treated in our computer-calibrated cold fusion deep-immersion cryogenic process. 

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Voodoo Cable iLink Specifications

  • Audiophile Performance
  • Full Bandwidth Response
  • Balanced Dynamic Control
  • Cryogenically Treated
  • Active Shield Design
  • Compatibility: MP 3 Players , iPod , iPad , iPhone
  • Mini Jack to RCA


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