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GOLDMUND Mimesis 11 Digital Processor / Preamp / Hub

Quick Overview

GOLDMUND Mimesis 11 Digital Processor / Preamp / Hub

All the Goldmund wireless speakers have been designed so they can be run directly from a computer by using the Goldmund dongle. If they are used in a multi-channel system, they can also be run from one of the Goldmund multi-channel processor associated with a Goldmund Wireless Transmitter.

The new Goldmund Mimesis 11 solves the problem of connecting one pair of these wireless speakers in a 2-channel system. The Mimesis 11 is then used as a preamplifier with a built-in Wireless Transmitter.

The Mimesis 11 can receive all kinds of sources: analog (2 x RCA), digital RCA S/PDIF, digital Toslink, USB, and will receive even more in future update options (additional Digital and Wifi Streaming are the most probable as per now). Its volume control allows the 2-channel system level adjustment and the output stereo signal can be sent either by S/PDIF coaxial like other Goldmund processors (4 x paralleled coaxial RCA outputs), but also as a 2-channel wireless signal through a rear-panel wireless antenna. The associated remote control is ultra-simple and based on the Apple universal remote.

The unit is matching, in design and finish, the new Eidos 17 Universal player so they can be stacked to create a complete compact system along with a pair of Goldmund standalone speakers, from the Micrometis to the Apologue.

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    • POWER
      • Nominal line voltage: 117V or 234 V (switchable).
      • Input voltage range: +/- 10 %.
      • Rated Power Consumption 11 W
      • 1,6 A delayed fuse
      • ON/OFF power switch key
      • Main voltage selector
      • 2 knobs for input selection and volume control
      • Numeric displays for input selection
      • Numeric displays for volume
      • Power and lock Led
    • INPUTS
      • 3 digital inputs:
      • In1 RCA spdif
      • In2 Toslink optical
      • In3 USB Audio Class 2.0 (no driver required on Mac OS X as of v.10.6.4 nor on Linux, driver required only for Windows)
      • Any inputs from 1 to 3 can receive stereo audio encoded signal up to 384 kHz/Bit depth up to 32 compatible DSD over PCM.
      • 1 analog input:
      • In4 RCA 2-channel
    • OUTPUT
      • 4 parallel Digital RCA SPDIF 2-channel outputs
      • 1 Wireless outputs 4 channels max
      • 44 W x 38 D x 10.5 H (cm)
      • Weight: 8 kg