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Crystal Cable Dreamline Plus Cables

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Crystal Dreamline Plus Cables

What makes the Absolute Dream so special? Its unique construction and materials deliver maximum signal transmission with minimum noise, using four of our unique conductors, twisted into a single cable. But what would happen if we only used two conductors? That’s the question we asked – and the answer is the Dreamline Plus. It made our dream a reality. With only two of our unique, precious metal conductors, the Dreamline Plus can cost half as much as the Absolute Dream, while still offering almost all of its sonic and musical benefits. The same off-the-chart technical measurements and staggering musical performance, the same reduction in micro-distortion, rhythmic discontinuities and grain. Monocrystal technology makes this possible; Crystal Cable Dreamline Plus makes it a reality. Never has recorded music sounded so effortlessly natural and fluid, so expressive, delicate and dramatic. Never has this level of musical and audio performance been so accessible.

Dreamline Plus – Making Your Dreams A Reality.

Available cable types are:
Crystal Dreamline Plus Interconnect Cables (RCA or XLR)
Crystal Dreamline Plus Phono Cables (RCA - RCA, DIN - RCA, XLR - XLR, DIN - XLR)

Crystal Dreamline Plus Speaker Cables (Single or Bi Wire, Spades or Banana Plugs)
Crystal Dreamline Plus Jumper Set (Spades or Banana Plugs)

Crystal Dreamline Plus Power Cord (AU/US/EU/UK AC)

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