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Crystal Cable HDMI

Quick Overview

Crystal Cable HDMI Video / Audio Cable Designed for highest performance applications.

Crystal Cable also produces high quality video & digital cables. We offer Digital, HDMI, FireWire and USB cables (our Dreamline series also offers these cables to the highest standards. The Standard Diamond, Reference Diamond and ULTRA Diamond series offer digit cables).

Crystal Cables are the first true high tech audio cables designed spedifically for the modern multimedia equipment. The compact design and specialized technology comes from advanced research in aerospace engineeering, the cables offer major advantages for anyone looking to capture extraordinary sound and exceptional value.

Pure silver-gold conductors, Kapton isolation, Teflon see-through jacket.

Crystal Cable demonstrates extremely good noise rejection.

Big conductors, very thin isolation. That's why Crystal looks thin but actually has large conductivity. Other brands use isolators and small conductors.

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