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CrossZone CZ-1 Headphones

Quick Overview

CrossZone CZ-1 Headphones

Headphone manufacture has boomed recently (new and existing brands) as a result of the ever increasing popularity of MP3 players, smart-phones and other portable devices capable of audio output. Furthermore, with the growth of more users enjoying music with headphones, the high class headphones made with innovative materials and improved drivers are now drawing users’ attentions. However, the sound field (bi-phonic※) formed with the driver closely fitting to the ears makes the listener feel that the sound is coming from the head center (Internal Sound Localization), this is a common problem with conventional headphones. CROSSZONE have developed the CZ-1 which solves this problem. The CZ-1 produces a natural ‘spatial’ sound by means of an acoustic method solution.
※Conventional music sources are mostly made on the premise of playing back the music through dual channel stereo speakers. The sound field to play out the music source through headphones is called bi-phonic, which is very different from the sound field originally expected by the music producers and the artists.

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CrossZone CZ-1 Headphones Specifications:

Type: Closed System
Frequency Range: 20 Hz - 40 kHz

Sensitivity: 97dB

Impedance: 75Ω 

Weight: 485g(Body only) 

Accessories: Dedicated 3.5m Cable (Standard Plug) 1.5m (Mini Plug), Adaptor Plug