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Vitus Audio MP M201 Monoblock Amplifier

Quick Overview

VITUS AUDIO MP-M201 Ultimate Monoblock Amplifier

The MP-P201. With a combined weight of just over 110 pounds, each of the MP-L201’s two chassis -- one each for the preamplifier and power circuits -- measures about 17"W x 5.25"H x 16"D. The MP-L201 can easily be placed on or in most audio racks with plenty of breathing space. The appearance is clean and modern, yet timeless in approach both inside and out. It’s available in standard Bright, Black, or Gunshot finishes, but can be ordered in pretty much any finish you like at additional cost. The front of each chassis comprises two slabs of solid nonmagnetic aluminum separated by a glass panel. The side, top, and bottom plates are made of a combination of that same aluminum and nonmagnetic steel.

Typically placed on top, the preamp chassis has only three buttons per slab, each subtly mounted flush with the thick aluminum face, for selecting or controlling Input, Mode, Volume, and Mute. Each slab of the power-supply faceplate has a button of its own, for Standby and Power. I’ve seen the inside of one of these units, and if there were ever an audio component that begged for a clear top-plate, this is it. The circuit design and execution truly are of Masterpiece quality -- the MP-L201 deserves to be seen and heard.

Around back are, up top, three balanced and two single-ended inputs; below, a 15A IEC receptacle feeds the power supply. Constituting roughly 75% of its mass, the MP-L201’s power supply is simply massive for a preamp. Extensively regulated by 24 voltage regulators, power delivery is exceedingly stable and noise free. Like all Masterpiece components, the MP-L201 is a fully balanced dual-mono design from input to output; any nonbalanced signals fed to it are quickly converted to balanced in the very first circuit stage. The volume control is Vitus Audio’s proprietary relay system, which uses only one resistor in series with the signal path, regardless of volume. All internal wiring is Vitus Audio’s own proprietary Andromeda wire, though the short signal paths mean that little of it is used.

Moving down the signal path, the MP-L201’s gain stages are all fully discrete, and based on shielded modules that benefit from a unique material designed to help damp mechanical resonances and aid temperature stability. In an effort to keep phase shift to an absolute minimum, Hans Ole Vitus designed the MP-L201 to use no global feedback. He explained to me that in his time with TI he worked extensively with hearing aids, and learned that the human ear can detect phase shifts as small as 0.1°. Therefore, a zero-global-feedback design was a must for the MP-L201 and for every Masterpiece model. Also available is an optional active subbass crossover designed to fully integrate larger speaker systems with active subwoofers, and a beefy rechargeable remote control.

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Vitus MP-M201 Specifications:

power output: 100W Class A , 500W Class AB

continuous class-A power (or 300W in class-A/B) dedicated for the higher frequencies

both transformers to provide a maximum 4.4kVA worth of power to a single output stage channel

The casework is milled from solid slabs of aluminum and fitted to a vibration-canceling chassis of steel that fits together with the precision of a Swiss watch.

All assembly is done by hand, followed by the testing of every unit that comes off the assembly line, to ensure that everything works perfectly. Finally, two stages of listening test are performed on every unit -- an initial listen to make sure it sounds right, then a burn-in period of one to eight weeks, followed by a second listening session -- before granting it a passing or failing grade.


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