Triode Corporation

Triode Corporation

Triode Corporation Ltd was established in Koshigaya-shi, Saitama, Japan. The founder, Mr. Junichi Yamazaki was a former engineer of Japan National railway who loves music and likes to tinker old stereo to produce better sound. Junichi san designed and built the VP 300BD tube amplifier which was well received my many audiophile and garnered lots of award in 1997. The designed was revised in 2003 and continues to succeed in the Japanese market.

Due to the popularity of the TRI amplifiers, Mr. Junichi Yamazaki and his staff of designers decided to expand its product line. The TRV-4Se tube pre-amp was built. Followed by the TRV 35Se, TRVA300 and the TRVA88 integrated amps. These products create chaos to the audiophile world because of its quality and sound. Then the most coveted products followed and that is the TRV M300Se and the TRV M88Se monoblock amplifiers.

The sound Quality of these products is second to none. The workmanship is top notch that it retains the Japanese precision in the entire piece assembled. Triode Corporation is also focused on the reduction of cost to manufacture in order to maintain the price of TRI products affordable to every audiophile.

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Absolute Hi End is a sole importer of Triode Amplifiers in Australia.