Transrotor belongs to the German hifi scene’s true heavyweights.They are one of the three or four firms which both domestically and abroad maintain the archetypal image of ‘high end made in Germany’. During their very early days—they launched in 1971—there was a brief spell of collaboration with the UK’s Michell Engineering but founder, owner and manager Jochen Räke soon hit his own groove dominated by generous but masterful exploit of polished aluminium, acrylic, chrome and gold. In the fast-lived hifi biz, more than 40 years of success deserve serious applause. They also demonstrate that Jochen Räke must be doing a lot of things right. Transrotor is considered as one of the best and most expensive turntables available today. Manufacturer's website TRANSROTOR

Absolute Hi End is a sole importer of TRANSROTOR Turntables in Australia.