SILTECH SAGA V1 / P1 Power Amplifier

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SILTECH SAGA V1 / P1 Power Amplifier (Limited Production)

Unlike conventional amplifiers, the SAGA system separates the voltage and current gain stages. This offers multiple benefits, allowing the use of tubes and batteries to maintain low noise performance and dynamic range, while isolating this critical function from noisy AC circuitry. The revolutionary Apollo Light Drive provides a clean, high-current DC supply in the P1, delivering dynamic shadings and swings that are almost literally lightning fast, helped by the same superb component and mono-crystal silver internal wiring found in the C1. Although the V1 and P1 can only be used as a pair, one additional benefit is that a single V1 can be used to drive a pair of P1 stereo amplifiers, allowing for high-powered, bi-amplified system solutions. 

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SILTECH SAGA V1 Voltage Amplifier Specifications
Type: Class A triode-tube voltage amplifier with battery power supply and user-switchable higher-gain pentode-tube circuit
Bandwidth: 1Hz–110kHz, -1dB
Voltage gain: 28dB (triode mode), 34dB (pentode mode)
S/N ratio IHF-A: 128dB (triode)
Dynamic range: 130dB (triode)
Dimensions: 480 x 120 x 340mm

Siltech SAGA P1 Current Amplifier Specifications
Type: Class A solid-state current amplifier with optical biasing
Bandwidth: DC–110kHz, -1dB
Voltage gain: 0dB
S/N ratio: 138dB
Dynamic range: 145dB
Damping factor: 100@10Hz– 20kHz
Power output: 380W (8 ohms), 760W (4 ohms), 1250W (2 ohms)
Dimensions: 480 x 160 x 340mm

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