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Goldmund Telos 590 NextGen Integrated Amplifier

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Goldmund Telos 590 NextGen Integrated Amplifier with DAC
Winner of the 2017 Blue Moon Award, the Telos 590 NextGen is a newly designed integrated amplifier benefitting from the latest development of Goldmund amplification technology. With more than 280W per channel (on 8 Ohms), this model provides outstanding dynamics and exerts a strong control on the drivers for an exceptionally neat and detailed sound. It comes with 8 inputs: five analog, one digital, one optical and one USB. Using the same amplification circuit as the other NextGen units, it is much more powerful and much bigger than its predecessor, the Telos 390.5. It also benefits from a considerably improved mechanical grounding construction and two heat-radiating side fins that secure a constant optimal temperature. These, added to the beveled front panel inspired from the Telos 2500, make it look very impressive. Two toroidal transformers give it the extreme speed imposed by the Goldmund Telos technology quality standards. A new D/A circuitry improving its dynamics and resolution makes it both clear and spatial. The Telos 590 NextGen is a convenient and reasonably priced option to create a truly high-end audiophile system without the hassle of separate amplifiers. With numerous electronic and mechanical improvements over previous models, it will be really hard for any other integrated amplifier to beat its price/performance ratio.

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Goldmund Telos 590 NextGen Integrated Amplifier

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  • Nominal line voltage: 115 V or 230 V.
  • Input voltage range: +/- 15 %.


  • IEC 60065, 1/8 Output Power at 8 Ω: 250 W.


  • 2 x output binding posts (left & right).
  • On/Off power switch key.
  • Voltage input selector.
  • RS232 Command connector.
  • 1 x USB device: Audio Class 2.0 (no driver required on Mac OS X as of v.10.6.4 nor on Linux, driver required only for Windows, contact your Goldmund representative):
  • Sample rate up to 384 kHz/Bit depth up to 32.
  • DSD64, DSD128 over PCM capabilities.
  • 1 x Toslink Optical.
  • 1 x Digital S/PDIF coaxial RCA 75 Ohms.
  • 5 x Analog RCA (left & right).


  • Max level before clipping, Analog input: 1 Vrms.
  • Max level before clipping, Digital input: -6 dBFS.


  • Max level before clipping, 1 % THD, unloaded: 170 Vpp.


  • Maximum power (IEC60065): 2 x 215 Wrms on 8 Ω / 1 % THD.


  • IMD (SMPTE), unloaded: < 0.02 %.
  • THD+N, unloaded: < 0.08 % from 20 Hz to 20 kHz at 30 Vrms output.


  • Analog input terminated with RCA Shorting Caps, unloaded: < 10 μV from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.


  • 35 dB.


  • 22 kHz measurement bandwidth (flat), true RMS unloaded: 100 dB.


  • 600 at 1 kHz / 8 Ω.


  • 44 W x 16.3 H x 41 D (cm) – 17.3 W x 6.3 H x 16.1 D (inch).
  • 20 kg.