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Boulder 3060 Stereo Power Amplifier

Quick Overview

BOULDER 3060 Dual Mono Ultimate Stereo Power Amp

There are efforts that contradict conventions and redefine the idea of striving for perfection. With innovative technologies, intelligent construction and an unmistakable design. With enough experience, these efforts are not unusual but become second nature. The 3060 Class A Stereo Power Amplifier is one of these efforts.

Boulder is not a startup and is not a virtual company. We have a real history. For us it is never enough to simply fill a market niche, to create a product solely for the purpose of giving someone something expensive to buy. Every single Boulder must define its category and push the limits of what is possible in audio engineering. Regardless of price. Our latest endeavor is the 3060. Built to our standards, which means that it is built like nothing else on earth.

The 3060 is heavy. 440 lbs/200 kg. Yes, the casework is cut from massive pieces of 6061-T6 aluminum. Yes, it has five transformers. It has 120 output devices. It has 48 output filter capacitors. It has all of the things you would expect from Boulder’s largest stereo amplifier and it has more. More parts, more control, more finesse, more of everything. Specifications and numbers are often used to impress and baffle (and possibly intimidate) a potential customer. We would prefer to tell you what we do rather than how much we do it.

The 3060 is dramatic to view. It has a presence all its own. There are no corners that meet in a 90-degree angle. The heatsink slots are huge. The Colorado granite-and-stainless steel base grounds it. Yet the front panel has only a single, elongated button to terminate the front panel angles, lending the amp a stately elegance. For those who have been lucky enough to view the 3060 next to its larger brethren, the 3050 Mono Amps, it is a combination of the separates and yet it is still its own design.

The 3060 is peace of mind. Every supply is monitored and protected. Every variable is accounted for. All pieces of the amplifier, every piece of metal, every circuit is created and assembled in-house by our own craftsmen and technicians. Boulder is the last audio manufacturer in North America to hold this degree of control over our own designs, but it’s worth it.

The 3060 is an immensely powerful amplifier. This means it will control every movement of your loudspeakers so as to reproduce exactly what was encoded in the recording. From the largest explosive crescendo to the tiniest, wispy detail. And everything in between. If it was captured on the microphone it will come out of your loudspeakers the exact same way, unaltered and unchanged. But power alone is not the goal. No other stereo amplifier will provide you with the same emotional experience, the same immersion, the same thrill.

Because no other amplifier is a 3060. Now you can experience it where it can put its strengths to good use: the heart of the finest audio systems in the world.
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Boulder 3060 Specifications:

Continuous Power, Each Channel
Watts Ω THD 20-2kHz THD 20kHz
900 at 8 Ohm 0.0008% 0.0035%
900 at 4 Ohm 0.0009% 0.0045%
900 at 2 Ohm 0.0014% 0.0090%
Peak Power, Each Channel
Watts Ω
1000 at 8 Ohm

1650 at 4 Ohm
2000 at 2 Ohm
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN), 20kHz BW 1.5 µV
Magnitude Response, 20 to 20KHz +0.00, -0.04 dB
Magnitude Response, -3dB at 0.015Hz, 200kHz
Voltage Gain 26dB
Input Impedance Balanced: 200KΩ,
Unbalanced 100KΩ
Common Mode Rejection (Balanced only) 60 Hz: 90dB,
10kHz: 70dB
Inputs 3-pin Balanced
Output Connectors 2 sets of 6 mm / .250 inch wingscrews
Power Requirements 220-240 VAC
50-60 Hz, 300W nominal, 6000 W at maximum output

All specifications taken at 240 VAC mains Power
Weight: Amplifier: 355 lbs. (161 kg),
Granite Base: 86 lbs. (39 kg),
Shipping: 563 lbs. (256 kg).


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