Atohm was founded by designer Thierry Comte and is based in France’s Eastern part of Besançon. Atohm speakers are fully designed and manufactured in-house like those other more famous French players Focal, Triangle, Cabasse and Davis. In fact Atohm remains one of the few small manufacturers who still fabricate their very own transducers. Atohm also markets those for DIY and sells complete speaker kits which the end user merely needs assemble. In this area Atohm has won a solid domestic recognition as is the case for Davis in Europe or Usher in the US. Other French manufacturers currently relying on Atohm drivers are Waterfall and Show Max.

Thierry Comte started his career in the loudspeaker industry as technical director for Triangle Industries from 1995 to 2000. In 1996 Thierry Comte met Cedric Aubriot (current CEO of Waterfall) and developed a great friendship and technical partnership. With Triangle Comte had acquired experience and technical background in loudspeakers manufacturing. By early 2000 he decided to explore new horizons. After a short joint partnership with Onix/Asia he founded Welcohm Technology, then registered the Atohm trademark. Manufacturer's website ATOHM

Absolute Hi End is a sole importer of ATOHM Speakers in Australia.